Cummins 6.7’s Biggest Fan (Part 1): Inside Cummins HQ

This week, Cummins Engines launched a 6-part behind-the-scenes video series aimed at bringing Cummins fans behind the brand and under the hood. In this first episode, Tim and his trusty 2010 Ram Heavy Duty rolled up to Cummins headquarters in Columbus, Indiana to snag some face time with Cummins Chief Technical Officer, John Wall. Although he’s an extremely busy man, Wall was generous enough to take a few minutes to explain all the nuts and bolts (literally) of the legendary 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel.


To follow all six legs of Tim’s trip, head to the Cummins YouTube channel to catch every new episode as it goes live. For more information about the real star of this series, check out Cummins Engines’ official website.

  • codystageman

    OMG! love that engine and nothing has more power than a cummins

  • Hunter


  • Curt

    Great Video – Cummins is the best!!!! Would love to hear some stuff about their marine applications too!

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  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Hunter, Are you talking Diesel or gas…the 5.9 Cummins was a 359 c.i….

    But talking engines…
    I think the 440 was the best engine they had,very reliable,extremely powerful…383’s were awesome great engines and better on gas than the 440 and even the 318 !! And while we are at it the 426 HEMI is top dog engine..ever !! But I miss the 8.3 L 505 c.i V-10 in the Ram SRT !!

    The new 5.7 Hemi replaced the 360,the newer 5.7 L 345 c.i Hemi has better power , better on gas,better emissions..and are proven to be just as reliable…Even the 4.7 287c.i that replaced the 318 is a proven reliable engine .. I know I had them all..And I put a load of miles on every year…
    The 5.9 L 6cyl Cummins Diesel was replaced by the 6.7 Diesel because of 2010 diesel engine regulations for emissions,thanks for big government nanny state to rule over every aspect of our life..just wait till they force us to repower or trucks/cars with bicycle pedals and or force us to ride a stupid bike !!!