2010 NTEA Work Truck Show Video Showcases Ram’s New Features

Although we sincerely wish we could spend every day prowling the grounds of St. Louis in search of bigger and better ways to upfit our naked chassis (sounds dirtier than it is), the 2010 NTEA Work Truck Show only runs for four short days and Friday marked its official close. To celebrate a great run, we decided to save the best footage for last and chose to dedicate today’s final installment of show coverage to both the 2010 Ram HD and Ram 1500. In this collection of videos, our own Bob Hegbloom once again generously takes the time to outline some of the newest features on the 2010 Ram and shares a little bit about the decision process behind the upgrades.


Hit the jump to check out all the cool vids – and try to keep your drool off the keyboard.






  • Chad

    Where is our Ram 1500 diesel? DON’T LET FORD OR GM BUILD IT FIRST!!!! If Ram had the light duty diesel option, it would FINALLY overtake Ford and GM and be the best selling truck! How cool would that be???? We Ram owners need some bragging rights!

    • ramzone


      Thanks for the comments. We can’t speak to future options such as this, but we are listening! Thanks again

      -Ram Zone Staff

  • Jerry

    nice. love the ram. i want that guys shirt LOL

  • vincent Castro

    I am a big mopar fan mostly old school!!! Dogde finaly made a truck that has a nice interior! Looks and feels awsome. Great truck! Why didnt they up the power. They just got spanked by ford and chevy with there new numbers. Also when you going to start building the ram in the US!!!??? That sticker saying made in mexico is enough to make some people not want to buy it. Will see how this new truck hold up! Was hoping they would beef up the truck a little more and give it a little more go fast. But thats dodge!! Just enough to get by! Kind of like the challenger!!! Looks good but just a overweight pig! It just makes me mad sometimes and wonder why dodge just wont do it right!!! I have a 68 coronet! love it, great car!! I need a dodge ram to trailer it to the track!! Hopefully it will hold its own agaisnt the new chevy and ford that both put out well over 700ft bls of torque!!! They say they actualy want to give the customers what they want ! so hopefully they have people that go to all the forums and read what they chat about!! it gets hared being a mopar guy sometimes

  • J.A.W

    Us ram owners have bragging rights, we own dodges! thats all that needs to be said. although i do agree with you chad about the light duty diesel. That is a very important and great idea… anyways i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Don

    Can the exhaust system be changed from the Laramie to the Sprt model type? Is there any performance difference?

  • Kit

    I loved my 2009 Dodge 1500 Ram, and I love my 2010 Dodge 1500 Ram! However; don’t go to Deacon Jones in Smithfield, NC. I brought a 2009 Dodge 1500 Ram, had just 5,000 miles on it carried it to Deacon Jones to have an aligment, oil change, and detailed. They mess up my step up (running broad). I called them and they denide it, but told me to bring it by and they would tighten up the bolts. Well, when you think you had about the worst from them, but little did I knnow that they would be recking it on that day by their saleman, Donald. Now, keep in mind my 2009 had only 5,0026 miles total, and I only had it alittle while. They offered to fix it, but I didn’t reck it, they did! I wanted my new truck to be new, huh? Well, I told them I should get an attorney, but did that make them treat me any better, no. Oh, I had brought 4 vehicles from them in the same month. One for me, one for my daughter-in-law, and one for my son, but it wasn’t what he wanted. So, we took it back and traded in for a larger 4 wheel drive for him. I paid cash for all four from my death husband’s life insurance money! Don’t that make 4 vehicles? They should have been kissing my ass, but instead they treated me like any Joe that walked in the door for the first time! Finally, I got the police out there to take a report on the accident so they couldn’t make out like I done it somewhere else. Still they only wanted to make repairs to my new dodge! Finally, they told me all they would do is credit my 2009 Dodge for what I paid for, and let me upgrade to a 2010. I had to pay out of my pocket $3,800.00 more, and that isn’t counting what I will have to pay Wayne County Tax office for this new truck. Last time I had to pay an additional $250.00 for the 2009, and I expect to pay at least that much still.
    Here it is, I didn’t reck it, they did, so why should I have to pay anything at all? Let me here from you guys out there, and hear what you think I should do. I did love my 2009 truck, and I still love my 2010 truck. You can e-mail me at kitloft@hotmal.com if you like. This isn’t any type of off-topic, offensive, indecent, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, objectionable, discriminatory, abusive, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, intended to promote or commit an illegal act, libelous, defamatory, or racially, sexually, culturally, or ethnically offensive. I just want you all to know what can happen to your vehicle when you trust them to drive it into the bay to be worked on.

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