Watch the New Ad “Coming Home”

In case you missed it during the bowl games this weekend, Chrysler debuted a new TV ad that showcases the enduring history of the entire brand, starting with a 1930’s Chrysler Airflow and also featuring Dodge, Ram, and Jeep. “This ad tells a story of Chrysler products bringing home loved ones throughout the years and our commitment to continuing to bring them home. It was important to tell this story during the holiday season because it is a time when families come together,” said Olivier Francois, Head of Marketing, Chrysler Group LLC. “We want current and future customers, suppliers and partners to know that we are here and we are committed to earning their trust and restoring our reputation.” Have a watch and let us know what you think!

  • Mark

    Very good add,I like it when they remember Chrysler’s great history..and I hope a long future !!

    So far,most friends/family that have seen it agree it pretty good..The Charger looks a very good way !!

    Love the 1960 Chrysler 300 F,very powerful/fast cars,spin its tires and push you back in your seat !! And hear the duel 4 bbl Big Block scream !! Yeah,of coarse I love the 68 Charger !!! even the Airflow ect….all in all very good..Kind of makes me feel better,and gives me hope Fiat does not want to strip Chrysler and leave it in the junk pile..Now if they could have the great sounding Mopar gear reduction starter on its new Challenger and trucks I would be in heaven !! Thats one thing I miss when starting new Mopars..the great sounding starter,that tells everyone its a MOPAR !!…