UPDATE: RamZone Father’s Day Contest Winners Announced

celebrateAfter feverishly reading through all of your submissions, we here at RamZone finally managed to agree upon the winners of RamZone’s Father’s Day Contest. For impressing us with their strong paternal ties to Ram Trucks, our five Honorable Mention winners are Marcus Brawner, Mickey, Duane K, Justin, and Nick B. Congratulations guys, you just snagged the Graphica 4-in1 pen for your deserving Dad!


For our Grand Prize winner, the announcement doesn’t come so easily. We had a little bit of, uh, dissension in the RamZone editorial ranks. Try as we might, we just couldn’t decide on one clear winner. That’s why we’ve elected to call it a draw and award the Grand Prize to Alonzo Sullivan Jr. and Jonathan. Thanks to your moving stories, Dad will soon be sporting an Atomic G-Shock Watch on his hard-working wrist.


To each and every participant that entered, we’d like thank you sincerely for sharing your cool stories with us – we truly enjoyed reading them all. If today wasn’t your lucky day, don’t sweat it because there’s nothing we enjoy more than a little healthy competition. So keep checking back regularly for more chances to win RamZone swag, and thanks again!


Image cred: Flickr user smemon

  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Yep congrats….Guess I should of gave my stories about my Dad ,though he had a 77 StreetVan and then a 1982 Dodge RAM maxi-van 250 Royal customized !! Carpet,bed at the back,underneath storage,done-up 360 4bbl moved pretty good for a van beat alot of mid 70’s and 80’s cars ,he had a heavy foot !! Oh well !!! Dodge RAM needs to build a real van again..not an foreign import(sorry Fiat vans ,we need a Ford /GM competitor again),say based on the Ram truck frame ect….would be good !! Regain your dominance in the Full size Van world !! Oh well !! Maybe next time…

  • marcus brawner

    never got the Atomic G-Shock Watch for him either….

  • marcus brawner

    scratch that my bad…the pen never came