Still Time to “Share the Glory” with Ram!

We just want to give all you Ram fans a friendly reminder that there’s still time to enter the “Share the Glory Sweepstakes” and win an awesome Ram 1500 Express. So if you’re one of the folks that always say “I never win anything…”, here’s a chance for you and friend to get behind the wheel of a 390 horsepower, 20 MPG HEMI® Ram 1500 Express and make some noise. Want to enter? Just go to the Ram Facebook page to register and invite some buddies to enter with you. The more folks you round up, the better your chances of winning. Therefore, you have no excuse not to “Share the Glory” and who knows, you and your BFF could be cruising down Main Street in a pair of cool Ram trucks!

  • Raul maestas

    I have a dodge I have owned it for 6years I used to be a chevy person but not no more dodge is the best dependible truck I ever owned.

  • Pam Hallman

    I would love to win!

  • Angela Gardner

    My Husband and I both drive Dodges!! We won’t own anything else! There is nothing better that a Dodge Ram!!

  • Love my dodge. I could use a new one 😀

  • Kelly Bristow

    I have never owned a Dodge, but have always admired them. I would be thrilled to win a Dodge Ram 1500!! :0)

  • Mopar man all the way…

  • Dakota Jude

    Really could use this truck, putting myself through college and my 2002 ram is getting ready to go on me.

  • Barbara Mayes

    Good Luck everyone! Sure would love to win this husband has a Dodge Dakota!

  • Christine Schettig

    Would love to “Share the Glory” with any one of my friends!!

  • i would live have your truck i drive lot need good truck two drive i awalys wanted one i cant aford a new truck :<

  • I have an 04 Dodge Ram 1500 QC 4×4 with a hemi and love it. Would love to have one of these trucks just for a sport truck to trick and make go FAST always!

  • Ram on 20s, so clean. Love my Dodge!

  • Ram It Home!

  • Chris Schwalb

    Dodge Ram is the best – forget the rest!

  • John Mathias

    I have a 53′, 54′, and a 99′ Ram Quad Cab 4×4 right now. Started with a green 1980 4×4 stepside in 1985, been hooked ever since. Have had many Dodges over the years: 80′ Power Ram (Warlock), 88′ Dakota, 94′ Ram 1500, 04′ Dakota Quad Cab, and the wife is driving a 05′ Magnum R/T AWD. Have a few Chryslers around as well, 51′ New Yorker, and a 63′ Newport. Yep, I got MOPAR fever.

  • LaDonna Stewart

    I have a Dodge Caravan Sport and love it. It has over 150,000 miles and is 10 years old. I could really use the Dodge Ram.

  • Scott

    It’s mine

  • Scott

    Im going to win a new truck

  • Joshua Schmeck

    I love Mopar products , I have owned a 2001 Wrangler, 2003 Ram quad cab, 2007 Ram quad cab, and currently 2010 Wrangler 4 door, I would love another Ram… Dodge is the best

  • Nate Duer

    I owned a 98 1500 for 8 years and loved the truck… Great workhorse for me although the steering was pretty loose. I beat the hell out of that truck and she came back for more!


  • Chris Hudak

    i hav had my ram for 6 years and love it.

  • This last winter in Chicago. Me and my 2004 RAM 2500, were finally heading home after getting held at work, Chicago O’hare Airport. Came up to a Hummer H1 stuck in the snow. I pulled up asked if I could help. He said, “that would be great”. Got the tow strap out, hooked him up and pulled him out. No problem. Went to unhook him, made some lite conversion. “So, what the price of one of these H1’s, about 135k?” He smugly answered, “excuse me…150 thousand”. Pretty expensive machine to get stuck in the snow. Got my things, pulled up, next to him. Flipped a wave, pointed at my truck, said “25 thousand”, then drove right through the spot he was stuck in. How’s that for a, ” In yo’ face!” moment?

  • Steve Stone

    love dodge and could use a new one.

  • great contest

  • This would be great to win

  • sherri crawford

    i’d love to win this ram that would be awesome

  • Roman Schwalb


  • my husband has a dodge and i said i was a chevy girl but he has brought me over 2 dodge. Alot of memories with his truck and alot of muddin 2.

  • I had a 2007 Charger R/T and have a 2003 Durango R/T. Time for a new truck!

  • I own one of the Dodge Extended Cabs Long Beds that came out with the New HEMI 5.7 I think. back in 2003. It’s like driving a ” Wagon “, it’s so long., and stiff riding. But unless I ” WIN ” another Dodge you’ll never get me out of this one ! This truck is as important to me as my Gun’s. You gonna have to pull my dead body out of it before you get it back ! My MOTTO ” If You Can’t Dodge it, RAM it ! ” And that’s on my back window fading away after 8 years this December. This Truck has Never let me down. It has done everything I have ever asked of it and some. So if you want a Great Truck that is your next best friend next to your Horse and Dog of Course, get yer self a real truck. Get something that can take it all day long. get yerself a Dodge !