Second Annual Ram Trucks Gallon Guarantee: Free Fuel Giveaway

As proud as we are of the 2013 Ram 1500’s fuel economy, we have to admit that there is at least one thing that sounds just as sweet as 25 mpg highway, and that’s straight-up free fuel.

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A Graduation Gift from Ram Trucks

Graduation is an exciting time. As you walk across the stage and take your diploma, a world of new possibilities opens up to you—and it’s all thanks to all the hard work you put in over 4+ years in college. … Read More >>

Ram Commercial Truck Season | ’Tis the Season to Buy

In Michigan especially, where Ram Trucks is headquartered, people look forward to April and May because these months mark the transition from cold winter weather into warmer spring days. For small business owners everywhere, especially those who depend heavily on … Read More >>

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Buy a RAM, Begin Payments in 90 Days

In a perfect world, every time you needed something important—like a new RAM Truck—the money for it would just magically appear. The world may not be perfect, but when it comes to RAM, it’s not for lack of trying.

To All Who Serve, Thank You

Beginning in 1934, the US Government commissioned from Dodge a series of 4WD military cargo trucks. Many of these trucks, including the ¾-ton WC Series (an early precursor of the Dodge Power Wagon), helped lay the foundation for the modern … Read More >>