Reflections on Opening Day

Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland reveals why Opening Day is a special time, why the Ram Outdoorsman is his new best friend, and how to get a FREE Mossy Oak/Ram Truck phone skin.


Back when I was a kid I can remember being able to sleep all night long on Christmas Eve, but not one minute the night before opening day. I would literally lay on the bed with my hunting clothes on so there was no chance I’d be late when Dad said “it’s time”. Today I do sleep “a little” before opening day, but passing that feeling and anticipation along to kids and grandkids is as exciting now as it ever was.


There are many openers for avid outdoorsmen, but the opening of firearms deer season is why large corporations, school systems and entire towns shut down for a few days. It is a ritual and I am no less passionate about now than I was almost 50 years ago.


I have been addicted to many things over the years: my family, hunting, red meat, grits… the list goes on. But my Ram pick-up is near the top of the list. My first Ram was a plain two-wheel-drive model that I put well over 100,000 miles on filming hunts all over the country. It was my office, my home away from home and my buddy. Many years later, I’m on Ram #5 and still consider this one my buddy.


The Ram Outdoorsman is my new friend and even though we’re still in the dating stage, I’m pretty much head over heels at this point. What first caught my eye was the RamBox storage—two huge, lockable boxes built into the sides of the bed. Not sure who came up with that idea but they need a raise. The inside storage seems like it was tailor-made for me. And the trailer hook-ups are in the bumper next to the license plate light, so no more dragging wires down the road. My own little hunting camp on wheels.


Until now, no truck brand has stepped up to say “we get it, we do it, so we’ll build it.” My hat is off to Ram for honestly addressing outdoorsmen with the Outdoorsman, and for having thinking, outdoor people design the features. It makes me feel like someone is listening. Heck, give ‘em all a raise.


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  • bruce staley

    love to have a ram outdoorsman!