Ram Trucks Wins Manufacturer Of The Year

We hate to brag, but Ram Trucks just earned the Manufacturer of the Year award from Off-Road Adventures magazine. In its December 2010 issue, Off-Road Adventures credits Ram Trucks’ commitment to advanced design and the company’s proven powertrains in taking this honor. So it looks like we’ll need to rearrange the trophy cabinet. Again.

And if that news isn’t enough to light your fire and confirm your standing as an extremely savvy truck buyer, Off Road Adventures magazine is offering up a free online subscription to Ram Trucks fans and followers. Visit Off Road Adventures to sign up. To check out the magazine’s digital edition beforehand, visit this page.


And of course, if you happen to be a current Ram owner, feel free to give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

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    Well its really a no-brainer….they are the best trucks ! Hemi,Cummins are reliable long lasting engines,as is the old 318 and 360’s those were second to non for reliability !!

    But RAM needs to always say and be a part of DODGE !!!! (bet you guessed I would say that..but its true)

    Still want a high performance Ram 1500 Quad Cab,I know the SRT-10’s didnt sell millions nor did they make a ton of profit (i am guessing) But..they are sure cool and fast as all Hell !! A hipo Ram R/T Quad Cab would be sweet….with the 392 (6.4) HEMI would be a knockout !!!!

  • Nick

    I currently own a 2000 ram with the 5.9 gas ! these magnum motors are beast ! ! i would love to drive a new hemi ! ! the 4th gens look so nice ! dodge forever ! ! will never own anything else but a ram truck !

  • RCrews

    Not much of a surprise here!!! Rams are the best trucks on the road!!!

  • thomas ford

    i bought a 2014 1500 dodge ram truck at 3000 miles the lifters are noisy.s this normal or ?