Ram “Truck of the ___” Spot Goes Live, Makes Us Want To Tow Something

Even though the behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Klaus Obermeyer captured the snow plow sequence was admittedly pretty enthralling, the sneak previews simply do not compare to the finished product. We’re not typically prone to using words like “beautiful” and “moving” unless we’re describing the seven layer burrito we wolfed down at lunch, but we’ve got to say, Obermeyer really knocked it out of the park.

  • Chad

    Wow you guys did GREAT with this commercial! This should really resonate with truck buyers, showing what the best truck in the world can do! Way to go Dodge Ram, now lets steal some Ford F-Series sales! I would really love to see Ram knock out the Ford F-Series in sales. That’s my dream! The new Ram is such a better looking more solid feeling truck.

  • Chad

    Actor Sam Elliot’s voice should be the official voice of the Ram! It fits the commercial and the whole Ram thing alot better than the voice in the first “My name is Ram” commercials. Good job Dodge!

  • andy vulgamore

    well i am glad that the 2010 is so good. i have a 2005 with 50000 miles and mine is a piece of junk that needs a new tranny and i will never buy a dodge again go ford

  • Mark

    andy..must have an odd ball or driven hard/overloaded heavy loads..Watch out for the Ford engines when you change your plugs you may need an expensive cyl.head repair…Even Ford transmissions fail under 50,000…

  • Chad

    Mark is right. Ever since Ford introduced the Triton engines back in 1997 they have been plagued with problems. Yet people still buy them. I don’t get it. I have owned a 1983, 1998, 2001, 2004, and now a 2009 Dodge Ram and have NEVER had a major issue with them. Doubters can do this….go to a salvage yard and look at the rows of trucks……there will be rows and rows of Fords, Chevys, and imports…..maybe 3 Dodges if even that….I know because I shop at salvage yards ALOT . Most of the 70s and 80s Dodge trucks must still be on the road or in protective storage somewhere because they aren’t in junkyards like Dodge haters say. Finding junkyard parts for a 1983 Ram is almost impossible. I have to buy new parts lol.