Ram Takes Fantasy Football to a New Level!

Even though the calendar still says summer, we know fall is just around the corner and you know what that means – football! And for all you fans out there that enjoy the virtual competition of Fantasy Football, we just took it up a notch. Ram along with the Sporting News will be suiting up to offer users a free subscription for the 2011 NFL season to help you get even more in the game. That’s right, you get an all access pass to partake in one of the biggest fantasy football programs in the land. To learn more, get off the sidelines and head over here.

  • I had a Ram 1500 but I lost my Job then my Truck… Best vehicle I ever owned.

  • I’m more of a Ford guy, but I can say I’m impressed. Unfortunantly, that Plantinum he’s rdiving isn’t so good at towing. Glad to see some competition. Congratulations, Dodge, glad to have you running the country with Ford To bad about GM. But hey, I know one thing BOTH TRUCKS BEAT THEM JAPANESE TRUCKS!Okay, I’m better now. Best wishes to Dodge.