Ram Partners with Drury Outdoors for some Wildlife Adventures

It was 1989 when brothers Mark and Terry Drury got the crazy idea to start making their own turkey hunting videos. Quickly they were expanding into the realm of deer hunting, and not long after they were adapting to DVD and television. Soon they launched their popular TV shows Wildlife Obsession and Bow Madness on The Outdoor Channel. This year as a proud sponsor, the Ram Truck brand is bringing support and faithful trucks to Wildlife Obsession and Bow Madness, so you can watch Mark and Terry put their Ram trucks on the line as they hunt their prey.  We are excited to be a sponsor and see what the upcoming seasons bring. Follow the guys on Facebook and happy hunting!


  • Jason Lewis

    Thank you for supporting the AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY.

    Jason Lewis, IN

  • Big Mo

    Seriously? The only reason you’re driving a RAM is because they sponsor you. Let’s call a spade a spade. You’d be saying the same thing about a Chevy or a Ford, or a Yugo for that matter. Give me a break.