Ram Keeps On Trucking!

In case you missed it, our fleet of powerful, hardworking and capable Ram trucks where part of the National Truck Equipment Association’s (NTEA) 47th annual event last month. Known within the industry as The Work Truck Show, some 560 exhibitors and manufacturers of commercial equipment had their products on display. Dump beds, flat beds, service bodies, tool boxes and basically anything that can be bolted on a truck frame to do a job was displayed at the show.

Over 10,000 attendees got to see, touch, climb onto and drive our latest offerings, such as our new Ram C/V, the Tradesman 1500 and the mighty 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs within the massive 500,000 square-foot Indianapolis Convention Center. Our team of seasoned truck specialists and engineers were on hand to talk upfits, payloads, wheelbase, GCWR, torque and horsepower.

Check out the show gallery and video of our President and CEO Fred Diaz talking about the NTEA Work Truck Show and the importance of commercial truck customers to Ram.

  • FLAVIO.RAM2500

    I think many of us, enthusiasts RAM, when there was the creation of new brand RAM, we were unsure about the changes because they would be too shocking. But I think these changes gave a new breath and a new face to our wonderful and better pick-up trucks in the world. Keep it up, because it is getting better! MY NAME IS RAM. AND MY TANK IS FULL.

    • Hey y’all!!! I don’t have a Ram truck just yet. But I love em!! My dad and my oldest rbethor used to drive Rams and I would have fun just bein in them. I’m carrying on that tradition when I get my first Ram in the near future. I want to get the Ram Bighorn Edition or the Outdoorsman. Anyway, my utlimate outdoor excursion would be to take my Ram into South Dakota, Wyoming, or Colorado and go for an all-out outdoor adventure trip. I would like to take part in rounding up the bison with my Ram at the annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. Then in Wyoming, I would like to go huntin for some elk in the mountains. Finally, in Colorado, I want to take the Ram off-road and tear through the dirt. Yeehawww!!

  • gretchen

    The new RAM commercial – with the “outdoorsman” shooting crickets is abominable.  If he”s an outdoorsman, sounds of nature are revered.  What does being able to shoot a cricket in the night have to do with RAM truck performance?  I also think it makes all RAM owners look like BACKwoods people, rednecks, & other derogatory comments.
    Lose the commercial and get your ad fees back.



    Alot of people from major cities,suburbs go camping,hunting ect…..

    Thats why this commercial is for the Ram Outdoorsman….understand what Outdoorsman means ? It comes with a gun/bow rack in the RamBox…

     Lots of these people work in an office,and on weekends take their boat out to the lake or go camping,hunting,fishing ect .. How are they BACKwoods people and rednecks ? I dont know but it sounds like you are calling the kettle black…GRETCHEN !!!!

    Now,they are not advertising the performance model of the truck..the RAM R/T, Sport or new Express models,I bet they will be burning the tires on those (I hope).

    Now,I really cant stand stuck up city people,thats why I drive the most politically incorrect vehicle around..’05 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Q.C,V-10 510+h.p, And proud of it !!

    Yep,call me a Redneck if you want,if people think all RAM owners are backwoods,toothless people..then let it be,doesnt bother me ! Its those people who think that who have a problem of serious ignorance ! And would never buy a truck of any sort and probably only walk or take the bus ..No problem if people think I am a toothless redneck,backwoods person…I wear a suit and tie to work ,own my own business,shave/shower everyday,have all of my teeth,speak clear and with a real masculine voice,spend about a ton of cash a year on car polish and tire shine to keep the RAM looking great,and even occasionally listen to Old Skool Country !! Funny in the City,when I get out of my truck no little person says anything but ..hey man Nice Truck !! Usually the biggest truck bashers are way under 6ft tall ,I surpass 6 ft !!   

  • FLAVIO.RAM2500

    Great place…

  • Caloy

    Real stupid idea to have a commercial about a bow hunter just shooting off critters that keep him awake. I’ve done some bow hunting in my day and I know some avid bow hunters. Only the most boorish alcoholic fools would do something that stupid as to let fly shafts into the woods randomly. Disrespectful of Nature and living things that deserve to live as much as anything. Maybe the hunter was on LSD or something?