Ram Heavy Duty Gets a Six-Speed Auto for 2012!

Just remember power and torque is nothing if your transmission is not up to the task of delivering it to the wheels. With the new 68RFE six-speed automatic it’s a perfect match of brawn and efficiency!

Having a pickup that leads the way in both torque and horsepower means exactly nothing if you don’t have a durable drivetrain to back it up. That’s why for 2012, our 68RFE® powered Ram 2500 Heavy Duty will be available with a new six-speed heavy -duty automatic transmission. Known as the 66RFE, it will boast beefier planetary gears as well as shafts and a torque converter more than capable of handling the power that the HEMI® brings to the table.

Other design improvements include a much steeper first gear ratio (3.23) for better off the line pulling as well as a wider spread of overall gear ratios that utilize the engine’s power more efficiently – and helping improve fuel economy. Since many Ram owners tow/haul heavy loads, our engineers also paid special attention to the oil pump capacity by increasing the sump size and adding a unique dual filtration system.  Therefore, the 66RFE can virtually handle any extreme condition you throw at it without slipping a gear.

  • WyattD

    I think it is dumb that they wouldnt put this in the 1500s, Grand Cherokees, and Durangos as well. It really is a much better trans the then 545RFE/65RFE (which ever you want to call it). It would drastically improve the driveablitly of all of the Hemi equiped trucks.

  • Manny C

    I am waiting for these guys in R&D to test a RAM 1500 with a Cummins diesel

  • Kelly S. Parson

    I am wondering when Ram is going to make a off rad package lik the ford Raptor I have onl owned Jeeps and Dodge cars and trucks but I would love to be able to buy a ard core 4X4 from the dealer instead of haveing to piu another10 grand in extra parts to get me to the trail an home again.

    Captain Kelly S. Parrson wounded 2004 O.I.F

  • 12brute

    I think it’s only fair to let anyone thinking about spending $50k on a new vehicle know exactly what they might be getting into….for the second time in 3300 miles, my 2012 Power Wagon is at the dealership for the same thing!!!!! The transmission’s got an issue that apparently R&D didn’t find!!!! This truck will spit the filter to the bottom of the pan due to a fault in the Pump Pressure Relief valve…on mine it’s about every 1700 miles or so. My dealership won’t order a new transmission, and Ram Customer Assistance is less than stellar in their attitude towards it. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  • nelson

    People really want small fuel efficient diesel.
    The average North American pick up driver, like the rest of world would buy a truck that saves them in fuel costs