Ram Hauls In Another Win with 2010 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award

For the second year in a row, Ram Trucks have been honored by Motorweek with their coveted Drivers’ Choice Award. Scheduled to be officially announced at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show (which will air February 13th on PBS), the 2010 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice award marks a significant achievement in Ram Truck history and reaffirms Ram’s commitment to producing quality trucks. “Touting updated big-rig styling and now a true crew cab model, the HD Rams are all you’ll ever need to get the job done,” said MotorWeek host John Davis. “We understand that consumers want value and reliability. Our aim is to produce a list of winners that makes sense, and can be used as a practical guide for vehicle shopping.”


Straight from their mouths to your ears, folks, Ram Trucks take home the gold -er – glass!










  • Mark

    Just call it a DODGE Ram already,wonder if that is why the sales are down..You guys are just promoting Ram,throwing Dodge guys off !!! DODGE RAM is what it is,so say it !! Then see you sales rise,cause it is a DODGE !!!!!

  • Mark

    You see how things sound odd (like my last sentence in my last post) Well my friends,that is how odd it sounds when you just say RAM..in needs to be DODGE RAM, then you will see your sales rise…Sounds so much clearer doesnt it ?

  • J.A.W

    I agree with Mark. It has always been Dodge Ram till now why? also, why no ram box for the HD trucks? at least i have not seen this and further more how cool would it be to see a ram box on a dully! that would be sick. For such a great idea as the ram box why not put it on all DODGE rams? just sayin….

  • ramzone

    Hey guys,

    I have a interview with Fred Diaz talking about this that may help clear things up about the naming split.

    -RamZone Staff

  • J.A.W

    So its Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram now? but Ram trucks are still Dodge’s? Ok… As long as it has the dodge name on it somewhere i do not mind i suppose, but it must ALWAYS stay as a Dodge truck.

  • Sounds so much clearer doesnt it