Ram Goes Racing in the Dirt!

Ram will be kicking up some mud and dirt the face of its competitors this season as we get ready to jump some hills, catch some air and bang some fenders in The Truck Off-Road Championship (TORC) series.  We’ll be sponsoring five heavy hitters behind the wheel of some modified Ram trucks that will make an assault on the 14-race series starting this Memorial Day weekend.  Through a partnership with Traxxas Racing team and Menzies Motorsports, both Ram and Mopar have assembled a great talent pool of seasoned off-road drivers that include drifting champion Samuel “That Crazy Swede” Hubinette, Rob MacCachren, Ricky Johnson, Bryce Menzies and Luke Johnson. You can bet once these guys show up, the other teams will be rethinking their strategy.


“I couldn’t be more proud to have Ram partnering with these great off-road drivers, championship-caliber teams and the TORC series itself,” said our President and CEO Fred Diaz.  “Off-road racers and fans are extremely passionate about their trucks just like we are. This partnership is a perfect fit for us to connect and share the passion in a fun and exciting way.”


This is also great news to any of you racing fans attending these events as we’ll be displaying our great trucks and offer test drive opportunities. Now get can also get dirty behind the wheel of our Ram 1500, Power Wagon along with other tough trucks. Check out the link for the 2011 TORC schedule http://www.torcseries.com/


Ram has an illustrious history in off-road racing going back to the 1970’s as Walker Evans and Rod Hall scored numerous wins and championships even won the grueling Baja 1000 in 1979. Recently, Kent Kroeker was the first driver to win the Baja 1000 in a Cummins powered Ram 2500 4X4 in 2003. Kent also took home the trophy at the SCORE Baja 500, Primm 300, along with the Mint 400 in 2008 and 2009.


The TORC series promises to be just as grueling and tough on drivers and equipment.  However, no matter how the challenging courses are, you can bet our Ram trucks will be leading the pack.

  • RCrews

    Yes!!! Please make some diecast models of this truck!!!

  • FLAVIO.RAM2500

    I wish good luck to all riders… Let’s make history again!!! Plus, the design is very nice…

  • John

    I want to see a Cummins Powered Ram in the baja 1000.