Ram Counts Down To Opening Day with Free Gear

October marks the official start of the hunting season, and we’re kicking off this exhilarating time of year with a new weapon in our arsenal: the 2011 Ram Outdoorsman. Built for all of you hunters, fishers, trappers, campers, and boaters, the Ram Outdoorsman is bound to make this year’s open air expeditions unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Believe it or not, as excited as you are to start bagging big game, we’re even more pumped to see our truck at play. To make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, we’re pulled together a ticker that lets you know exactly when, where, and how you can start hunting in your neck of the woods. If the big day is still a few weeks off for you don’t sweat it – now you’ve got that much more time to stock up.


We’ve rolled out a lot of new accessories for fall, but before you start buying out the Ram Outfitter store take a stab at snagging it for free right here, by telling RamZone your idea of the ultimate Outdoorsman excursion. All we need from you is your registration (with valid email) in the comment box below, all before 11:59pm EST on Thursday, October 28, 2010. On Friday October 29th our panel of judges will pick one grand prize winner to receive the new Ram Bobber Cooler and three honorable mentions to land a Mossy Oak LED flashlight, Ram Leather Visor cap, or Mossy Oak Outdoorsman cap.


Remember, you’ve only got a week to get your weather-chapped hands on the newest tools for fall, so get to it. Good luck!


  • Matt Moody

    Really enjoying my new Ram, havent pulled the Nitro with it but I’m looking forward to seeing how the Hemi does.

  • Randall Henderson

    My new RAM TRUCK IS AWESOME to say the least I have driven a 1500 ram before i got a new one the HEMI engine is a supurb pulling machine It can tackle any job I need MY new truck is a 1500 RAM crew cab Im sure it will prove itself to be RAM TOUGH also plus very dependable as my 2005 ram was to. DODGE TRUCKS are what other trucks wish the could be. A very happy RAM TRUCK OWNER!!!!!!!!! RANDALL HENDERSON

  • Doug Heminger

    Love my new Big Horn Hemi!

    My ultimate excursion would be loading up my 77-year old Dad and taking him camping at an excluded northern lake and doing some serious muskie fishing!

  • Jonathan Ryan

    I’ve been impressed with my truck since the day I bought it. Nothing beats a Dodge Ram and nothing out here shuts down the HEMI. Talk about a beast that hunts it prey. My truck and I do everything from mudding, off roading, taking the boats out to the lakes and best of all impressing people by helping me out of ditches or towing something their truck can’t handle. I’m telling you if you want a real truck, BUY DODGE!

  • My ultimate outdoor excursion in a Ram Outdoorsman would be taking my Dad back to the place where he took me to kill my first Whitetail deer in western North Carolina. We could load up all our camping gear the bed and secure our guns in the outstanding Mopar RamBox Holster. With the awesome power of the Ram Outdoorsman with 4 wheel drive, nothing can stop up from getting to our destination. After we finish setting up our camp, we can sit and relax. Then I’ll look over at the best truck there is and smile.





  • Pete

    My ultimate excursion. I would take pops and my brother, load up my 01 Dakota, my King Quad, and our medium rifles, 1894 Win. 30-30, brothers Marlin 30-30, and dad with his Saiga, head back to Lake Titus and Duane NY area, and have Pops do what he has wanted to do for a number of years, go back to the old Family hunting camp, a relative has the property its is on, and teach us to hunt up in the Adirondack Mountains, like the good old days from when he was a teenager. Go find us some Mountain Bucks. Would be more fun if I could get me a new Ram to drive up too!!! but I trust ol reliable, 175,000 miles and counting since I bought it new. I think once we bagged a White tail, I would find a camper, and we would then travel to Wyoming or somewhere in that area of the west, and try for a Mulie with both Grandpa M’s .300 Win Mag Savage, and Grandpa G’s Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30-06…And on the return trip, weather permitting, try some Fishing somewheres….just not sure where, don’t care, as long as its FUN!! and with my Dodge Dakota…..Now Give me a RAM So I can say with my RAM!! Happy Hunting guys and girls!! Be safe.

  • Pete

    Actually wouldn’t mind trying to take a pop at a Speed Goat (Pronghorn) with my Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant either!!

  • Robert Beckner

    spending a week in the great smokeys huntin whitetail and fishing with 4 of my buds and nothin to answer to but the call of nature. 🙂

  • Marc Bastnagel

    My dream excursion is to take my 2008 dodge Ram Cummins to Alaska for a moose hunt and some fishing. My roommate and i have been planning this trip for some time and are really hoping to go during next years hunting season. We will leave our house here in Denver and make our way to Canada. We will stop in Yellowstone and Salmon lake in Montana for some fishing. Once we get to Canada we will head straight for Alaska. When he and i do road trips we dont normally stop, unless we are camping for the night. So we can easily cover 1000 miles in a day. Usually the truck doesnt even get shut off for at least 20-24 hours, I love my Cummins! When we get to Alaska we have not decided exactly where we will hunt, but we are looking outside of Denali. We plan on fishing in as many different streams and lakes as possible and coming back with a bed full of moose meat and fish. Hopefully we will have enough meat to last us a couple years while we save up for out next big expedition. We are expecting to live out of the truck for about two weeks during this trip!

  • trace downour

    my dream excursion would be to take the new 2011 dodge powerwagon to our hunting camp and take the powerwagon through the ” tryme hole” and show up the special made swamp buggys with cheby motors and that I can pull them out when they get stuck . Then shoot that trophy deer and throw it in the back of the powerwagon and take it to the camp and skin it and eat and then camp out right there in the back of the powerwagon under neath the stars thinking life doesnt get any better than this in my new 2011 powerwagon dodge truck.

  • Ashley

    hell yes way to ram got my dodge belt on right now

  • Flavio.RAM

    One of the greatest pleasures for a human being: to enter the RAM, closing the door, starting, connect the sound with your favorite music, put in drive and leave the garage… whether for business or leisure travel… never mind, just driving this machine has is indescribable!!! I love my RAM…

  • tom davis

    Although i loved my 2003 hemi Ram my new 2010 Hemi Ram has received the Best commits from the Chevy guys and it pulls my 55 Dodge Royal around nicely and my 68 Plymouth Sat convertable too!!!!

  • Tim Binder

    I would Love to take a ram for a cross country drive, up mountains a little off road, that would be fun!!

  • Randy Foreback

    I would bundle up my dear wife and do some off roading and get in to a little mud. I am confident that any of the RAMs I have owned would handle that very well. ’99 SLT Quad Cab, “00 ST Reg Cab Short Bed, ’04 ST Quad Cab(the first Hemi, awesome), ’08 Big Horn Quad Cab(the next Hemi, awesomer) and now my new ’10 Big Horn Quad Cab( the awesomest Hemi of the bunch). I am not a hunter but I know that my wife enjoys getting out in the snow that we get here in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania and blast through some of the monster drifts that occur and, I am sure she would get the same thrill out of slinging some mud around. We have only had the ’10 for a couple of months and has easily proven itself as the best of the bunch.

    I am not that concerned with winning any sort of prize, although it would be great, Just offering this chance for me to try to think of some outdoor activities for her is great. Thank you for this chance to post something about my wife and I. You see, she is in the midst of a battle with Breast Cancer and every day is a blessing. Myself, I am working on beating down Bladder Cancer. Hopefully, by next summer, we will be in better physical condition and we can get out there for a little fun. In the meantime, we might still be able to enjoy a couple times running snowdrifts this winter.

    Thank you.

  • Jackie

    I like dodge ram bighorn edition!!!!! I would take my dad and 91 year old grandpa and go fishing haul horses and haul things on a ranch with it!!!!!! I think the dodge ram bighorn edition has got to be my favorite truck!! It’s a dream come true!

  • Kendra

    I love my black 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7L Hemi. I waited 10 years to get the truck of my dreams and that “she” is. My truck has beauty and brawn! I love the new Dodge Rams but I really love my truck! She’s got a 3″ lift, beefy tires and she makes all the boys jealous! 🙂
    If ya can’t Dodge it, Ram it!

  • Gary Montgomery

    I have depended on Dodge trucks since 1980, not only for myself, but for commercial use. I worked with them when we had the 600 seriesin 1978, and through the 1980’s,1990,2000 for commercial for emergency, as ambulance as I have had a medical condition since then and new if needed they where there.
    Dodge trucks for personal use also are great and thanks to all for making the different styles available ,its a pleasure being a owner

  • Eva D

    a week in Alaska fly fishing deep sea fishing and hunting

  • Shane Saari

    My ultimate adventure would be to take my 1998 Ram 1500 out to Alaska with my friends to go hunting and four-wheeling. I use my Ram to do everything from hunting to pulling people out of mud pits and snowbanks. This is also my plow truck. All around I am very impressed with the quality of this truck, it has more then enough power to do anything I need.

  • Scott Kristek

    Take my Ram out to Wyoming mountains and hunt some antelope. It’s got 4WD to get me up the hills, a tow package to pull the kill out of the rough, and plenty of storage for my camping gear, ammo, and rifle. Plus seating for 5 so we can make it a group evolution. Not to mention plenty of road to open up the Hemi on the way 🙂 Remember folks, if you can’t Dodge it RAM IT!!

  • Jim Reintjes

    Hitting the road for days and not just the Interstate but also utilizing rural road whether paved our unpaved. Where to? Iconic locations like the Pikes Peak, the Painted Desert, Jackson Hole, The Black Hills. That’s a good start. The ’11 Ram Outdoorsman can handle the drive, passengers and all of the gear.
    So, when do we leave?

  • Bob Roland

    My ulitmate outdoor excursion with my 2007 Ram 1500 would be to take a ride to Concord and Lexington Ma. The home and start of the American Revolution.”The shot heard round the world”
    I would make sure that there was snow on the ground to observe this hallowed ground in all of it’s serenity.My Ram 1500 is at home in the snow, as well as being dependable ,secure and good looking as well.If I get lucky,perhaps I might see ol’George cruising by in his Dodge Challenger ? This is what it is all about, Values,dependability and yes, Freedom. Dodge rules!

  • Jim Pentland

    My ultimate outdoor excursion would be to take it up to the mountains where we hunt during a huge snowstorm, dirt roads are usually left unattended and empty, taking my truck up there kicking it in 4WD and climbing those mountains. You have a long cruise to get there and lots of trails and such to test out your suspension. That would be my ultimate excursion and I get to do it every year!

    • ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! The closer I look, the bteter I like it (I had just the opposite experience with my last Maxima.) Pretty Impressive to get almost 300HP with the economy of a V6 AND styling like a 4-door Ferrari–inside and out. (But hopefully this will ride smoother & quieter than a Ferrari– since I have to use it for business & family also). LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT!

  • Albert

    I love my 2005 dodge ram 1500 so much i would not sell for anything esle I keeps me happy when i get in it and drive around Its a great truck own

  • nick

    what is all this about hemis CUMMINS all the way!


    I recently bought a 2010 Ram 1500 Crew Cab TRX with the 5.7L Hemi, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this truck!!! This is the third Dodge I have owned, recently trading in my 2007 Nitro, and previously owning a 2002 Ram 1500. I will NEVER own anything other than a DODGE!!!!

  • Brandon Palmer

    Hey y’all!!! I don’t have a Ram truck just yet. But I love ’em!! My dad and my oldest brother used to drive Rams and I would have fun just bein in them. I’m carrying on that tradition when I get my first Ram in the near future. I want to get the Ram Bighorn Edition or the Outdoorsman. Anyway, my utlimate outdoor excursion would be to take my Ram into South Dakota, Wyoming, or Colorado and go for an all-out outdoor adventure trip. I would like to take part in rounding up the bison with my Ram at the annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. Then in Wyoming, I would like to go huntin for some elk in the mountains. Finally, in Colorado, I want to take the Ram off-road and tear through the dirt. Yeehawww!!

  • steve

    dodge has always ruled, have had 11 ram trucks since 1980, when i got my first 1. my excursion is takin my son, my daughter, are trusty .22s and of course my trusty beagle, ( who name just happens to be hemi) up to the hunting land, and have some fun rabbit hunting, good practice shooting before white tail deer season.

  • Joey

    I love my 88 Dodge Ramcharger. It gets me everywhere I need to go and never lets me down. If I ever get drawn for a moose permit I would go out with my 1990 Power Ram 250 and try to find me a moose. Then go fishing.

  • Mark Akins

    the new outdoorsman truck is long over due and will be a welcome addition to our household.

  • Mike

    I have bought a 04 Dakota,05 2500 4×4 with Cummins and 10 1500 HEMI and will never buy anything else but DODGE!!

  • larry stone

    i have had the 2010 4×4 TRX4 dodge truck since feb. 12th on this year and it has been used so well. i got to take it on to some of North Dakota’s best fishin lakes for ice fishing season and it just tore it up out there while other trucks were stuck. i pulled out several chevy and ford trucks with my dodge. we were always able to go when the weather wasnt the best and not be scared of a blizzard keeping the dodge stuck on the lake. then this summer the dodge pulled the camper to many of my favorite camping spots with ease. the 3.92 gears matched with the 5.7 Hemi was no match for my 30ft travel trailer, it wanted to pull a big fith wheel camper like the 1 ton’s. now in just 9 days it gets to go deer hunting and travel the roads less traveled and get a monster buck and i cant wait.

  • Jacob

    My ultimate outdoors adventure would be getting out of the college classrooms a little early for thanksgiving and packing up my 2003 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 5.7L Hemi with the gear and heading out with family and friends to just forget about school, work, and life and enjoying the outdoors and the time with the family and friends and knowing that no matter where we need to go, the Ram 1500 Hemi will get us there.

  • Terry Needham

    Took delivery of new 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Crew cab in early Oct. just in time for archery season.
    We’ll be ready for firearm season and salmon fishing. Truck is perfect for hauling four adults and all the gear needed.

  • Adrian

    My ultimate Outdoorsman excursion would be me and my family on a 2 week road trip through South Dakota and Minnesota. We would check out the Badlands, Devil’s Tower and the Black Hills. Then we would head back into Minnesota and head up to the Boundary Waters and do some camping and some canoeing. Then we would head over to the North Shore and enjoy the scenery through Duluth, stopping at many lakes for fishing along the way. Any road trip in a Mopar is a good trip!

  • Joel Baron

    My ultimate Outdoorsman excursion would be to pack my truck up with all my buddies, hunting and camping gear and charter a C-130 aircraft flying my truck over to africa and hunt for large game with our Ram 1500. We would than drive the truck through Africa, Europe and the Middle East, showing the world what a true truck looks like making several stops along the way such as fishing in the Med, climbing Mt. Kilamijaro, taking in the great views of the swiss alps, and continuing our treck all the way into china to see the the Great Wall and the Himalayas.

  • Manuel Campos

    Just bought my 2010 TRX4 Dodge Ram 1500. Cant wait to take the trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to putting the Topper on the back and heading cross country. Planning on taking 2 weeks off work and hitting the blacktop taking the southern states to the coast of California and the central states through the Rockies back home.. No Hotels for this man.. tents, sleeping bags, and the bed of my truck is all I need. Everyone says thats a trip when you do when your old and retired, ME…I agree with Thomas Jefferson “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”. You only live once.. may as well enjoy it.

  • Kyle Kapa

    My idea of the ultimate Outdoorsman excursion starts with the anxious feeling you get on the first fall day. At the first sign of fall all I can think about is sitting in the woods waiting for that perfect shot. Every good hunting trip includes friends, family, and food not to mention the peace and quite and relaxing serenity of the outdoors.

  • Karl Garrison

    My ultimate Outdooorsman excursion will begin when I get home from Afghanistan in July 2011. We are going to load the camping gear in the back of my 08′ 1500 Quadcab 4×4 with the Hemi of course and drive from southern California to Montana and spend a week or two in gods country with just my wife, two boys, two dogs, a canoe and some fly rods.

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