Motor Trend’s Secret to Expensive Testing? Save Receipts!

Somehow we’d lost this funny gem from the Ram Heavy Duty Motor Trend 2010 Truck of the Year announcement on the cutting room floor until now, but we didn’t want you to miss it: Motor Trend Senior Editor Edward Loh … Read More >>

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The Ram Outfitter Is Now Open for Business!

“Sure,” you’re thinking, “I drive my Ram everywhere and wouldn’t even be seen dead in another vehicle if Ram made hearses, but what about those rare times when I’m actually out of my truck? What am I supposed to do … Read More >>

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Finally, Get Live TV on the Road!

It’s an age-old quandary: It’s time to hit the road for that family trip, but the playoffs are on. What to do? At long last, now you no longer have to choose between mobility and entertainment. Last month, Chrysler became … Read More >>

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Curious How They Got a 2.5-Ton Ram on the Ceiling?

Well, it’s complicated and involves a snug cradle, roller coasters, and plenty of careful maneuvering. In this video, John Tulloch of George P. Johnson, who built the innovative stand used to hold the inverted Ram, explains how exactly they placed … Read More >>

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Ram 1500 Named One of the 10 Best Vehicles of 2010

The accolades just keep rolling in in the new year — the February issue of Automobile magazine, on newsstands now, names the Ram 1500 one of the 10 best vehicles for 2010. “When a new pickup truck has the fortitude … Read More >>

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