It’s Not Just a Blog – It’s the Ram Zone

dodgeontherock_resizeLove getting mud in your tires? Climbing up a steep incline? Hauling an impossible payload? Ram Zone is the new blog for Ram. So consider this page your new source for all things Ram-related. We’ll be covering the latest news on Ram, finding the best truck toys & gadgets, and giving you a heads up on great trips, music, and events for folks who love trucks. Got some ideas for stories? Leave ‘em in the comments, or contact us with your thoughts.

  • A100guy

    I have heard that the R/T pkg is standard on the 2010 RAM regular cab SPORT. I just dont see that package listed when you “Build Your Own” RAM……am I missing something here?

  • bigredtruck

    I own a 2007 Mega Cab on 35″ tires. I love my truck! I love mopar! However I feel the new ram commercial is very stupid not very “fruity”. I don’t think that dodge should be making these not so manly commercials, they do not convey the awesomeness of a American made dodge ram. Instead it looks like a feminine import truck commercial and all dodge ram owners should be out-ragged and offended.
    I don’t know who reads this but hopefully someone from dodge headquarters will read it because I can’t find anywhere else to voice my concern.


  • ramzone

    A100guy, you’re correct: The 2010 Ram 1500 Regular Cab Short Box Sport model includes the R/T package. It is not evident in Build Your Own, and we are working to correct it.

  • AI

    This “ramzone” is a pretty nifty tool that will enable Chrysler the ability to gather metrics on likes and dislikes of their RAM products from the people that form their main consumer base. That being said, under “build your own” why is the rambox option unavailable for the 2010 1500? I am trying to configure a pickup but cannot find all the options available.
    Will we ever see a 6.4 box with rambox?

  • tr4petty

    I agree with bigredtruck about the new Ram commercials! How boring! Dodge trucks need a spokesman like Howie Long (Chevy) or Mike Rowe (Ford).

    • Well i was looking for a 1991-93 cniumms about a year ago. That first gen body style really cought my eye. So, i found a 1991 Dodge ram 250 4-spd on the floor. It had the 360 motor and i loved it. Then, about 2 weeks ago i found this really good deal on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 318. Its extended cab instead of regular cab and it has 200,000 miles on it and it runs like its a new one. you guys are making awesome trucks and i just want to tell you to keep up the good work. I’ve got nothing to complain about.

  • j.lewis

    I like the ad. It’s different. The poetry brought me, a traditional big engine car non truck buyer to this blog. The poetry and the reader shows toughness with wisdom and hard experience instead of touhgness with brawn. I would change the “my tank is full” is anti-climatic and wimpy. You can drop that line and achieve the same thing..being different and expanding the market of interested consumers. To answer one commenter, Yea, you are trying to sell to “Oprah” types as well as mature drivers who aren’t so young anymore and other non traditional truck buyers. anything to sell more trucks to different types of people so the brand can survive the truck company and automotive shakeout.

  • ramzone

    AI, Ram Box is available for 2010 Ram 1500 Crew Cab but was not available at the beginning of the model year due to us moving production of Ram Box equipped trucks from St. Louis to Detroit. Dealers have been placing orders with Ram Box and we will start building those trucks next week. The reason it is not showing up in Build My Own is that we remove options from that application that are not readily available so what shoppers see is what we are building in our plants at the time they are in Build My Own.

    As for 6.4 Ram box, there is no imminent introduction of a 6.4 foot Ram Box coming. However, we are always looking to make improvements to our product based on customer input so we may offer it in the future…

  • Armyman196th

    Now own my third Dodge Ram truck (2009) lovin’ it. I do have on suggestion – can you use better tires?? Your “standard equipt” tires are weenie brands…move better with a Cooper tire for snow, mud and all the crap in the northeast. First thing I did on the last two was to purchase new tires!!!! Good tires and a great truck can always provide service for landscaper friends that get stuck & bogged down to axial….just chain up those chevys and fords and this “Silver Ram” will walk you to dry spaces!

  • 68dodgeramman

    I’m with Al, But I’d like to see the heavy dutys with the RamBox in the 6’4″ CrewCab. I’ve owned nothing but Dodge trucks since 1984 and before that my Dad got my hooked with his 1975 Dodge pick up. I just test drove a black 2500 CrewCab with a CTD yesterday. Man is it a great truck. The only thing that I want to see on it is 1.) the Laramie pkg. (which I can already order) and 2.) The RamBox. So come on Ram, listen to your people!