HD Chat Questions Revisited

There were so many great questions from our recent online Q&A that we didn’t have time to answer them all. Here are a few we couldn’t get to, but we thought you might like to know the answers anyway:

Guest asked:

Are there any new color options for 2012?

New for 2012: Deep Molten Red, Tequila Sunrise, Black Clear Coat, and True Blue.

Derrick asked:

Why is the “ram box” not available on the hd short bed trucks?

Hi Derrick ,

The class exclusive RamBox is available on all single rear wheel Heavy Duty pickup trucks with a 6’4” box. This configuration covers the year of the pickup market. Ram offers 2 bed lengths for heavy-duty 6’ 4” and 8’ beds.

Don asked:

What is the hottest EGT reading that is safe for the cummins?

Hi Don,

Cummins engines are designed and developed from the factory to stay within safe operating limits under all operating conditions, which is assured through our extensive validation testing.  Any aftermarket tuning will push these safe operating margins without anywhere near the same level of validation testing, and will most likely exceed the factory limits under certain conditions, which is why Cummins does not approve or endorse any aftermarket tuning products.

Mike asked:

Are you guys looking into diesel/electric hybrids at all? It would be a great way to increase MPG and many locomotives have been using them for years without problems. The current size of heavy duty pickup allow at least some room for the placement of electric motors and batteries.


We are always investigating available as well as future technologies to offer the best possible package to the customer in terms of fuel economy, reliability, performance and value.  Unfortunately, we can’t comment regarding the potential direction of future products.

Longhorn Fan asked:

Love the LongHorn concept and execution… but why separate longhorn into two words?  I’m sure there’s a reason…

Longhorn Fan,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the ultimate luxury hauler!  We agree that keeping the words “Longhorn” together are important, that is why all of our marketing and material adhere to this approach- Laramie Longhorn.


  • Fernando Vargas

    Whats the Difference between a Dodge Ram RT (1500 – 2013) , Dodge Ram Sport (1500 – 2013) , and Dodge ram SuperWagon (1500 – 2013) , are they the same or different trucks? What makes them different, and wich one is stronger?