The Guts of Heavy Duty

The exterior gets all the glory, but it’s the guts – internally, behind the scenes – that truly make the Ram Heavy Duty the most capable truck for the long haul, with jaw-dropping power and exceptional ride and handling for those long days and tough conditions. Here’s a snapshot into the belly of the beast:

5500 LB. High Front GAWR Figures: Ready to accommodate large snowplow applications.

Tough Hydroformed Front Structure: Designed to be the primary absorber of any impacts – deflecting the energy from the driver and front passenger and contributing to enhanced safety and security.

Heavy Duty Brakes: A multichannel, four-wheel antilock system is electronically operated, with front brakes controlled individually and the rear in tandem. Electronic variable brake proportioning (EVBP) balances front-to-rear properties. The massive rotors exceed 14 inches in diameter, offering uncompromised braking power.

Under the C-Pillars, Special Hydra-Mounts: For enhance comfort and quietness. These unique mounts are literally “tuned” to help eliminate the vibrations of the suspension and frame.

Structural Cab Strength: High-strength steel (HSS) reinforcements and specialized inserts are integrated directly into the cab, along with super-strong windshield pillars and B-Pillars.

Completely Sealed Interior: Giving you a beyond-quiet cabin. Ram Trucks design effectively manages inside airflow through the cab and out, via proprietary air exhausters in the rear of the cab.

We focus on components that offer superb strength, durability and reliability. Ram Heavy Duty features super-strong suspension bushings, outstanding front-spring rates, and specifically tuned suspensions. All contribute to impressive maneuverability and deft handling under a wide variety of loads and road conditions.

  • Very nice! 100% better than the last Richards Group “My tank is full” amomercicl. Old man Stan Richards owes Chrysler Group LLC a refund on that amomercicl. It was poorly executed and just outright lame.