Guts and Glory: Ram Trucks Live by the Code of the West

Strength, integrity, reliability, and honesty – these are the foundations of the Ram brand. As Ram truck owners know, when a Ram truck is called upon in a time of need— when performance is essential and at times the difference between life and death, when everything hangs in the balance—Ram trucks consistently rise to the occasion. Perhaps Olivier Francois, Lead Executive Marketing – Chrysler Group LLC said it best: “The Ram Truck brand has always had the guts to perform and innovate – today, it continues to live by those rules and conducts.”

This philosophy is at the heart of each and every Ram vehicle. Whether it be the rugged and reliable Ram 1500 or the awesome Ram 5500 Heavy Duty Chassis Cab, you know that the job is going to get done and the needs will be exceeded.

This ideology is perfectly depicted in our all-new Guts and Glory campaign. “The new tagline ‘Guts. Glory. Ram.’ pays homage to the history of Ram Truck Brand and represents the hard work and dedication placed in the design, engineering and production of each and every Ram truck,” said President and CEO Fred Diaz. In the new shorts, we return to the Old West, a time in which the line between the good guys and the bad guys was clearly drawn, a time of gun slinging, boot-wearing, and gritty living.

Marissa Hunter, head of advertising for Ram Truck brand, says the rustic Western theatre “Offers the perfect balance of the past and present in American values. We see it as a key period where hard work and well crafted machines were a must and where people lived by a simple code around integrity, truth and hard work.” Experience the Old West reborn through the eyes of the Ram brand, meet some of the characters that bring the west to life, and walk in the tire treads of the Ram trucks that ruled as much then as they do today.

As the Old West is rediscovered through the eyes of Ram it is our hope that parallels be drawn— “Thou shall not covet a man’s horse.” It’s a commonly known fact that this was one of the most difficult rules to abide by in the old west – and why wouldn’t that still hold true today, when the horse you’re coveting is a hefty Ram pickup truck?

Check out a couple of our Guts & Glory spots below!



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