BREAKING: Ram HD Named Motor Trend’s 2010 Truck of the Year!


We knew we were making a great truck, and you Ram owners out there have certainly been generous with your praise, but now we’ve got a shiny new award to put up on the mantle just in time for the holidays: No less prestigious an authority than Motor Trend has just named the new Ram Heavy Duty its 2010 Truck of the Year. Obviously we’re flattered, thankful, speechless… and psyched! Head over to our special Ram HD page throughout the day for the latest news, photos, video, and updates.

  • tr4petty

    Congratulations on the Motor Trend award!!! Chrysler, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough credit for the really great products they often produce. The new Ram HD is one of those. I’ve owned a 2005 Ram 2500 HD 4×4 since buying it new and it has been an excellent truck. I’ve never had the first problem with it and I use it to tow a large 5th Wheel camper. One of the smartest things Dodge has ever done was to work with Cummins to offer that 6 cyl. diesel engine of theirs in the HD trucks! It is an awesome motor! Please, Dodge, keep offering the Cummins diesel engine in these trucks and move forward with the offering of a smaller Cummins in the 1/2 ton Ram. I’ve spoken with many Dodge truck owners that bought their Dodge only because of the Cummins availability. If you want to offer a Fiat diesel in the future, please make it an option in addition to, not instead of, the Cummins!

  • Mark

    Nice DODGE !!

  • Rj

    I hate this ram 1500 (no pun intended), But I love the Power Wagon!

  • Lee B

    Nice job on the Ram HD!!!!
    Now how about a nice big Ram based SUV.

  • ramzone

    Hey guys, thanks for the support and feedback!

    • This makes no sense. Now the 3500 can out tow the 4500!? I am wanting to raplece my work truck immediately and want to buy a 4500 but the GCVW is what is causing me to hesitate. The GM 3500 and now the Dodge 3500 are rated to tow more. Also, I want a manual transmission which is the biggest reason for me switching from GM. I have had 2 Duramaxes and three 6.5TD and I am sick of the automatics for towing. Now it looks like they are phasing out the manual transmission in the Dodge as well.

  • bigdodgeram

    still have my 1995 and it is great.

    these trucks have won many awards!

    keep up the great work!

  • Paul

    Well deserved. I have to say the marketing for this truck is much better then years past. It seems more customer based which is better because RAM is listening to Truck owners. Lots of great features like a back up camera to hook up the trailers, and the Hydro-mount to cushion the ride. I have recently test drove a crew 4×4 diesel and am very pleased. My truck will be purchased at the end of this winter.

  • teng

  • Keith

    I just traded my ’09 GMC Sierra for a 2010 Dodge Ram HD 2500 Crew Cab Diesel. The difference in these trucks is absolutely amazing. Dodge has produced a vehicle that is far and away the most functional and is easy on the eyes. My wife immediately said the navigation was easier to work, the kids commented immediately on how much more room there was in the rear seat. I noticed immediately the the interior materials are in a different class than my old GMC. Never had any trouble out of my GMC, but when I compare the two, there is a stark difference. Nice job Dodge on making the best truck available.