A Gentleman’s Agreement: Ram Handshake Offers 60-Day Guarantee

Our handshake symbolizes pride in our product, confidence in its capability, and commitment to the customer. What does yours say about you?

  • Flavio

    What could I say? Well, I say that confidence can not be conquest overnight, but over all these years that the Dodge, now the RAM, is building.


    Should still be a DODGE RAM….if it was a DODGE RAM your sales would be greatly improving..look at Ford and GM trucks..they dont have a identity crisis going on with its products and they are not confusing the consumer..as they want a DODGE RAM !!!

  • Flavio.ram2500

    I think it’s an not identity crisis, just a strategy to attack commercial. I like and I think the RAM is never divorced from Dodge, they are like father and son. I hope to prosper and become increasingly strong.


    Yes,I hope they survive and be incredibly strong..(Dodge needs to be on the Ram trucks in order to do so)…
    I see no need for Ram to be on its own…Ford,GM,Toyota,Nissan,Honda do not have a problem selling trucks under their name..It leaves a taste/sense of selling off the Ram truck brand in the future as it is being seperated from Dodge(easier to sell off this way),thus the sales are not strong at all,people realise this and are going over to Ford and GM trucks…….I would be ticked off to find out they sold the Ram brand to some other company,and being stuck with truck payments for a few years ,this is the reason people are flocking over to Ford in record numbers,Ford wont sell their truck division to a Chinese/Indian company ..The new Ram’s are great trucks,and no need for its low sales,obviously this does have a effect in sales other blogs,journelists even say so ..plus more importantly myself (diehard Mopar guy) and other people I know/talk to..we are all uneasy about this !!! Gotta think about it,best truck they had so far and its slacking in the sales department in the U.S !! We are the butt of the jokes,people are making fun of Ram..is it a Dodge or not…guess Dodge doesnt want it..must not be good !! Man the sales would be way up if it wasnt for this major GAFFE… I am as a biggest Mopar fan their is,and this really bothers me !!!Obviously it does other people as its reflected in their truck sales…Yes I am thankful that Chrysler is still around but this is a bad mistake they have done..could be easily rectfied..so,so simple..Dodge Ram ….



    How about a Ram 1500 SRT (Dodge) with the new 6.4 (or so) !! A Quad Cab SRT..or R/T would be nice,or at least a more powerful bigger Hemi…did you hear about Ford’s new line-up of engines !!! A Mopar edition would also be good ect…….

    Please you have to stay on top..you are in my eyes (besides the Ram /Dodge blunder)

    Well,I would remain quiet about the Dodge/Ram conundrum,all you have to do is give me a new Ram 1500 QuadCab Hemi (a 4.7 even),and a hand shake and I will never speak of this blunder again !! Hmm,sounds good to me !! Hey,I tried !!

    Hope to hear some new about more powerful engines soon !! Gotta stay on top of Ford/GM ,cant let those clowns smack talk us anymore !! We have the best looking truck,need it to be the most powerful again !!

  • Flavio.ram2500

    Well Mr. Dodge, after this explanation I have to agree in part … I think your position consistent and above all shows a great loyalty to the brand, just as I have.

    What I can say is that every step from now on it is really for the “up and away” or else the future may be compromised …

    I expect the best, I’m liking the change, let’s see what happens.

  • workin’man

    The new commercial about the ‘handshake’ is great especially with Sam Elliot’s voice. One major flaw: the directors went for the dust flying from the gloved hands, ignorant to the fact that no two workin’ men would ever shake hands with their gloves on. Sincerity the commercial is trying to sell is lost in that one shot.