Zac Brown Band & Ram Trucks Launch “Letters for Lyrics”


If you tuned in to catch the 36th annual Academy of Country Music Awards last night, you may have caught the 30-second “Letters for Lyrics” spot announcing Zac Brown Band’s most recent plan to give back to the troops. Sponsored by Ram Trucks, Letters for Lyrics aims to deliver one million letters to U.S. soldiers stationed abroad to remind them that although they may be out of sight, they certainly aren’t out of mind. “Performing with the USO for the men and women in uniform has been a great experience for us,” said Zac Brown. “We wanted to find a bigger way to thank them, a way to mobilize people nationwide to show their support for these incredible individuals. Ram Truck Brand was the perfect partner to realize this dream; not only do they share our commitment to recognize the troops’ service and sacrifice, but they are determined to ensure this program helps to send a little piece of home to our service members abroad.”


“We believe that ‘Letters for Lyrics’ will spark the public’s interest in contributing to our troops abroad and to their families here at home,” explained Ram Trucks CEO Fred Diaz. “This goodwill gesture embodies one of the main pillars in the Ram Truck Brand’s DNA and demonstrates our continued support for the nation’s men and women in the military.” The ‘Letters for Lyrics’ program officially begins May 10th. Simply visit your local Ram dealership to pen and mail a letter to our troops. Each person who submits a letter will receive a complimentary copy of “Breaking Southern Ground,” a special compilation album featuring music from Zac Brown Band, Sonia Leigh, Nic Cowan and Levi Lowrey


In addition to Letters for Lyrics, Ram Trucks has also teamed up with ZBB to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from their USO tour and a free download of ZBB’s newest single, “Free.” Accessible only at, “Free” is only available to the first 100,000 fans and for every song downloaded, Ram Trucks will make a donation to a designated charity on behalf of the Zac Brown Band.


For more information, be sure to check out and don’t forget to check back here at RamZone for official updates and download info.

  • Mark

    DAM RAM !! Couldnt Dodge it …so I Rammed it,and the Ram aint a Dodge so the Ram is no more !!! Plus the whiskey isnt workin anymore !!

  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Why is the Ram Sport performance hood cancelled in Canada ?

  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Hmmm,odd…the hood said discontinued on the options list,now the discontinued is gone….odd…my brother bought a 2010 Sport without the sport hood,but I want the Sport performance hood…waiting till the dealer gets a few or blue cant make up my mind ,need to see them side by side !!

  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    What is with the USA Dodge Ram sales..down again,but here in Canada record sales numbers !!! Could it be Americans are put off by the Ram is a Dodge its not a Dodge confusion ? I think you better start saying Dodge Ram again,only pick-up in the red last month !! C’mon,do something positive for the Dodge Ram Truck guy !!! Canada cant save you !! We will try !! But i mean we are small considering the population of the U.S of A !!

  • Canadian Dodge Ram

    Well i guess your Heavy Duty trucks sales rose 13 % or so,could it be more advertising is needed to push the awesome 1500 ? Yes,expensive..but do it…show the Dodge Ram Sport with Sport Performance Hood,Quad cab ..that truck looks so good at any angle !!!!

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