Trucking to Talladega

A convoy of five different 2010 Ram Heavy Duty trucks, sporting custom Talladega graphics and Ram engineers behind the wheel, set off from Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI one late October morning. They traversed 800-miles to Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Watch the video to find out what they were planning to do on their way. See pictures from the trip after the jump.




Ram arrives at Talladega to talk shop with NASCAR fans

The engineers stopped along the way to answer questions from onlookers, truck fans and overall well-wishers. And got a chance to talk about the new HD trucks with NASCAR fans during the race.




Kasey Kahne checks out a Ram that's got his name all over it

  • Anthony Redmon

    It’s funny that you chose to show Kasey Kahne in your Ram spot. He’s my favorite Nascar driver but Dodge pulled their support from Richard Petty Motorsports for next year leaving Kasey and the others there at RPM driving Fords for 2010! That leaves us Dodge fans with . . . . Kurt Busch, I guess; YUK!!

  • Anthony Redmon

    I just read where the deal between Richard Petty Motorsports and Yates has not been completed yet! That means there is an opportunity here for DODGE to do the smart thing and entice RPM back into the DODGE camp for 2010 and beyond! DON’T let this window of opportunity pass, DODGE.! You will lose more than you could ever imagine in terms of fans, pride, racing success, etc. You’ll lose “The King” of Nascar to FORD! You’ll lose fan favorite Kasey Kahne to FORD! What are you guys in DODGE Motorsports thinking!!! Only ONE cup team next year! Toyota has eight! Only ONE competitive driver, Kurt Busch, who’s about as popular among the fans as a fox in a henhouse!

  • Denny

    Now is not the time to be pulling away from the most popular sport…Nascar….Ya win on Sunday and sell em on Monday…been that way for 50 years…Where is your Nascar gear to promote Dodge…my God everything from hat’s to underwear sells