Tips for Towing Safely in Winter

Trailer-Hitch Receiver for the 2009 Ram

Safety is always an important consideration when towing, but it becomes essential in winter’s treacherous weather. From the hitch to the tires, it’s important to make sure your trailer is secure and everything on your truck is in working order before you set out on your journey. Did you store your heavy items low and toward the front? Have you tied everything down? Is the tire pressure correct? And are the wheel bearings in good repair? With all these things to remember, it’s easy for one or two to slip your mind. This comprehensive checklist can set you on the right track. Travel safe this holiday, and happy towing!

  • Michael Nelson

    This is really informative. If you own a truck, you will definitely be in a situation that makes you stuck in the middle of road at least once. We must be very careful during truck repair and trailer towing especially during bad weather.