Ten Things to Keep in your RAM this Summer

Truck people know what it means to be prepared.

Whether it’s a first-aid kit or jumper cables, RAM owners in particular can be counted on to come through with the right tool when their fellow drivers are in need.

Being nearly summer, RamZone would like to remind you that your RAM is truck enough to carry more than just the basics, especially with the RamBox® Cargo Management System along for the ride.

Here are ten suggestions for items to keep in your RAM truck during the summer months, because you never know when that old two-track in the woods will tempt you off the main road.

1. Bug spray – The deep woods mean less people and more mosquitoes. Sometimes it’s a trade-off you can live with.

2. Sunglasses – Look cool and see well, even in the most blinding summer sun.

3. Camera – RAM fans have a perspective all their own, one worth sharing.

4. Fishing pole – Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; give a man a RAM and no fishing hole is out of reach.

5. Suntan Lotion – Nothing spoils summer faster than a sunburn.

6. Beef jerky – The original energy snack.

7. Ear plugs – For concerts, fireworks, and clearing logs from the two-track with your chainsaw.

8. Chainsaw – See number 7.

9. Atlas/map – Your RAM truck works in terrain where that smartphone map app might not. That’s partly why you drive it, remember?

10. Camp chair – Because who wants to stand around the campfire?

Did we miss any? Let us know what you carry in your truck when the weather turns warm.

  • Mr. Gibbs

    Multi tool/knife.
    It happens to be a personal rule of mine to always have one of those. It’s come in quite handy and makes you look good to boot being Mr. Prepared For Anything.