Tailgate Toss at the State Fair of Texas

Anywhere people gather for the sake of good times and camaraderie – whether it’s at a tailgate party, an impromptu get-together with neighborhood friends, or even the State Fair of Texas – there is one thing guaranteed to elevate the fun exponentially: lawn games.

One of our favorite lawn games involves a bunch of bean bags, two boards with holes in them, and at least two players going head to head. We call our customized version of this game Ram Tailgate Toss, and we brought it with us this year to the State Fair of Texas, where in recent days throngs of Ram fans have lined up to challenge one another in friendly competitions.

And to the victors go the spoils. That is, the winners of Ram Tailgate Toss were gifted complimentary Ram gear in recognition of their athletic prowess and dead-eye accuracy with bean bags. In the spirit of fairness, however, we are extending to all Ram fans the chance to win the same Ram gear available to the people in Texas. Starting next Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, you can participate in an online version of Ram Tailgate Toss on the official Ram Facebook page.

Slightly different than its real-world counterpart, the online version will have players guessing the outcome of individual tailgate tosses from Texas (prerecorded on video) – was the toss successful or did it land shy of its mark? Answering correctly will qualify you to win a Ram gift pack all your own.

Stay tuned to RamZone and the official Ram Facebook page – the games will commence shortly!