STIHL Timbersports Champion Reel

This year’s STIHL Timbersports event was one of the most impressive showcases we’ve born witness to in a while, and if you weren’t there to witness it firsthand you sure missed out. Check out the video above to watch the woodchips fly, and be sure to carve out the date in your calendar for next year.

  • Flavio

    Very cool.

  • tr4petty

    RAM and Stihl are a good match. Both are best in class! And I should know because I own both a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 diesel and a Stihl Farm Boss 20″ chain saw. Both of these are the best I’ve ever owned. The Ram diesel tows my 5er around the country with ease and problem-free. The Stihl Farm Boss was purchased because I’d been through too many chain saws that didn’t last very long and were problem-prone. The Farm Boss has been trouble-free so far and a great addition to my tool crib.


    No new Ram news,or lack of people viewing this site ?

    Better call your trucks Dodge Ram again !!!