STIHL Timbersports Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Ram Trucks

This weekend, STIHL Timbersports will celebrate 25 years of extreme sports at the Oregon State Fair in Salem. Since 1985, STIHL Timbersports has been challenging lumberjack athletes to test their saw savvy in several key events including Springboard Chop, Stock Saw, and Underhand Chop. Today, the event is one of ESPN’s longest running shows (second only to SportsCenter) and continues to pique the interest of spectators and participants alike. Proud to be a part of this momentous occasion, Ram Trucks will be on the ground in Oregon this weekend as the official sponsor to show our support for these accomplished athletes. When we’re not standing in awe as Jason Wynyard executes another flawless Standing Block Chop, we’ll be posting live event coverage across Twitter, Facebook, and right here on RamZone. Whether you’ll be joining us in Salem or tuning in from home, be sure to keep your eyes on us for official pics, vids, and maybe even a Tweet-to-Win contest.


(Image cred: STIHL Timbersports on Facebook)

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