Smartphone Apps for your Next Road Trip

Cliché or not, it’s true what they say about road trips—the destination isn’t half as fun as the journey, especially when the journey happens in a RAM.

This being the dawn of the age of smartphones, why not download one or two or several apps designed specifically with your next road trip in mind.

Here’s a list of five we think are worth looking into. Just be sure to let someone other than the driver hold the phone.

  1. iExit Interstate Exit Guide – It happens. You’re almost on “E” but you’re not ready to stop. You pass one exit, then another. Not knowing when the next will appear, you begin to worry that you made a mistake. Well tempt fate no longer with iExit, the app that tells you in real time what lies on the road ahead—hopefully a gas station, and hopefully not too many miles away.
  2. Trucker Tools – Geared to the long hauler in all of us, this app answers important questions about the truck stops nearby, like how much is diesel and what deals are they running on energy drinks.
  3. Yelp – Sure each truck stop has a charm all its own. Problem is, some have better food than others. Find out which from fellow travelers who rated their experience with this popular app.
  4. Road Trip Fun – When it comes to RAM and road trips, everybody wants to drive. Keep the peace (and the driver’s seat) by distracting your passengers with this rule-book collection of travel-centric games.
  5. Roadside America* – The creators of this app call themselves “America’s foremost experts on roadside attractions and oddities.” Who better to turn to when it’s time to stretch your legs and take a break from the road.

*Available only for iPhone. All other apps available for both iPhone and Android.