Year of the Ram: 2011 Ram 2500 HD

Over the years, Monroe, Michigan native Joy Mehki has grown accustomed to two things: used cars and endless ribbing. Never having owned a brand new vehicle, Joy openly admired the brand new Ram 2500 HD from afar and hoped she’d one day be lucky enough to have one in her driveway. Her husband, Doug Mehki Sr., mirrored that desire but still took a sort of boyish glee in teasing her about it. Every few months when Doug would bring his car to Monroe Chrysler Jeep Dodge for routine servicing, he’d rumble home behind the wheel of a gleaming Ram loaner. After pulling into the driveway with generous throttle, he’d burst into the house in a fit of feigned excitement and announce there was a new ¾-ton addition to the family outside. Like clockwork, Joy would fall for it.



For her birthday this year, Doug decided to pull one over on her one last time – but this time with a twist. Enlisting the help of his son, Ram Truck Interactive Manager Doug Mehki II, Doug decided to thank Joy for years of indulgent laughter and endless patience with a 2011 Ram 2500 HD Laramie. Through his son’s connections and the good sports at Monroe Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Doug arranged to have the truck arrive in time for Joy’s birthday on September 26th. When the dealership called to confirm the truck had been delivered 12 days ahead of schedule, Doug II showed up to his parent’s house complaining about a fictitious work-related photo shoot that his father would be accompanying him to. With Joy none the wiser, the pair departed for the dealership where they prepared Joy’s gift with a massive bow. When they returned home, they called Joy outside and (like so many times before) introduced her to the family’s newest vehicle. Joy was justifiably disbelieving at first, but when the truth finally sank in she was shocked beyond words. “She just kept saying ‘OMG’ over and over again – literally the letters ‘OMG,’” chuckled the younger Doug, “She couldn’t believe it was her truck.”


A few weeks later, Joy is still cresting high on the wave of euphoria. “Can’t begin to tell you how much I love this new truck!” Joy gushed in an email to her son, “Everyone should be proud of the vehicles that are on the streets today! I know I am!” Both the Mehki and the Ram Truck family are thrilled with her reaction, and her enthusiasm for the truck has been infectious. We’re pleased we could be a part of such a memorable day, and we wish Joy many years of happy birthdays and happy truckin’!



  • Flavio.RAM

    What a good thing… congratulations. You are very happy with the RAM 2500 HD, the best truck in the world!!!

  • warpingaily

    Congratulations on the new truck, Joy! Your husband and son are the best – put some miles on that thing!!!

  • larry gardner

    I’m glad you let me help give Joy a great birthday.


    Well,when your son works for Chrysler and is a manager to boot…..I dont think it would be that much of a surpirse to get a new DODGE…ER..Ram…(whatever it is suposed to be called)Truck !!! I would be ticked off they waited so long !! Hope you enjoy your truck !!!