Ultimate Chase Vehicle – RAM 3500

As part of our continuing series “Real Trucks, Real People”, we’ve been travelling the highways and byways of our great nation to see how our Ram truck owners use their vehicles for work and play. We’ve had a chance to meet some great folks who put their trucks through the rigors in the world of the rodeo, snow plowing, ranching, hauling equipment and much more. However, this time you’ll see something you have never seen before, a Ram 3500 Dually being used as chase vehicle! Kevin Flanagan has made living flying hot air balloons for 27 years and owns Advantage Aersports in Phoenix, Arizona. His business specializes in corporate hot air balloons along with providing individuals and groups, a unique and adventurous ride of a lifetime. As we know, when a balloon lifts off the ground, they go with the wind. This is where Kevin’s fun begins as he has to chase it down less than ideal conditions such as rocky terrain and fields that are miles from any paved road. That’s why he owns a Ram 3500 HD 4X4 as its off-road capability combined with its awesome towing capacity, is perfect for his company.


“I bought my first Dodge Ram in 1995 and have three since. The reliability, stability and pulling power of this truck have been impressive to me” said Kevin. “We go to hot air balloon events all over the country and I can pull my 38-foot trailer with all equipment and average 15 mpg!”


We would love to hear how your truck works for you.  Post some pictures on our flickr site along with a dropping a note below on what you do with your Ram.