Thom Maser, Ram Lover Since 1996

Back in 1996, Thom Maser went out truck shopping and came home with a brand-new Ram Sport 4×4. The old saying, “Love the one you’re with,” depicts Thom perfectly, and he couldn’t be happier about it. Since ’96, Thom has been beating up his road-warrior, which he calls a “beast.” He uses his truck for just about everything under the sun. It now has over 170K miles on the clock, has been in two major accidents, and has even come out clean after a run-in (or run-over) with not one, but six deer. Thom attests that his Ram protected his family through each accident, and after his collision with the deer, the most work required was having his transmission rebuilt.


Thom’s Ram hauls firewood, building materials, and ATVs. It has gotten him through snow and sleet, mud and floods, and is still reliable to this day. He promises that he’ll be driving his truck until either he or it dies, and said that he wouldn’t be surprised if his ’96 is the only Ram Truck he ever owns, it’s just that irreplaceable.