The Ultimate After-School Project: Build Your Own Ram

zeigler-ram-truck-2Proof that the kids are all right: Many high schoolers get a car for graduation, but 17-year-old Ariel Ziegler is doing it her own way. The senior from El Cajon, California took a ’55 Dodge pickup and is building her own one-of-a-kind custom truck, which she hopes to be driving around a college campus by this time next year. What inspired her to take on this rather hefty extracurricular activity? Her father Scotty Ziegler, a custom bike builder who not only built and drives his own vintage pickup, but also taught his little girl welding and fabrication when most kids are learning how to read. As you can see from the photos, Ariel’s still in the initial stages of construction, but we’ll make sure she stays with it by checking back in with her for regular status reports. She certainly earns an A so far! Check out more photos of her project after the jump…