Shawn Nanny’s ’97 Ram Keeps Going the Distance!

Shawn Nanny is a pretty tough guy. He’s been shoeing horses in and around St. Angelo, Texas for the past 14 years. During that time, he’s been stepped on, bruised, bloodied and even kicked in the face, but he always gets his job done. In 2002, Nanny bought a ’97 Dodge Ram with just over 37,000 miles on its 12-Valve Cummins turbo diesel engine, and the truck has served him faithfully ever since. Right now, it has over 371,000 miles on the odometer and counting, and though he owns two other Ram Truck models, he doesn’t plan on giving up his old ’97 any time soon.


“The main attraction to the Ram is the Cummins engine,” Nanny says. “You can never get the longevity, the power and economy in one motor. You usually always have to give up one or two of those, but with the Cummins, you’ve got all three of them in one package.”


Nanny says he expects to see his ’97 turn out another 370,000 miles before needing attention. Next time you’re at a rodeo near St. Angelo, keep an eye out for Nanny and his red Ram. If you see him, do us a favor and give him our best. And in case you missed the Proven Trustimonials video featuring Shawn, catch it here.