Ram Trucks Servicing the Farming Community

When time is of the essence, the Ram Truck brand is ready and waiting, and no one knows this better than Fred Titensor of Valley Implement Company. His third-generation business, started by his great grandfather, relies heavily on the famous Ram Truck dependability and fuel economy to meet the needs of his customers. Valley Implement Company’s fleet of four-wheel drives, two-wheel drives, diesel and gas trucks answer the call of agriculturists in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.  Their trucks pack the ability to tow their massive farm equipment up and down mountain passes with ease and comfort, hauling the equipment they need to get the job done right…the first time. As much as Fred enjoys the interior comforts of his fleet, he understands the importance of the muscle the Ram Truck name carries. Watch the video to see Fred and his team putting their Ram trucks to the test on this episode of “Real People, Real Trucks”; the clip speaks for itself.