Ram Truck Goes to Work in Oklahoma

The last time we took a look at how real Ram truck owners put their pickups to the test, we were in Iowa. This time, we’re heading West to Oklahoma to visit for a spell with Dan and Steve CodyDan’s a fourth-generation rancher up that way, and he and his family have been putting Ram Truck pickups through their paces for over 10 years now. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about hard work. When Steve isn’t helping out on the family ranch, he’s working as the owner of Heavy Bilt Manufacturing – a company that specializes in building tough-as-nails agricultural/livestock equipment.

Between the two, there’s plenty of towing, hauling and pushing through the Wyoming snow and mud to get the job done. “The Cummins engine is a true workhorse,” Dan said. He’s not alone in enjoying what’s under the hood.

“They’ve improved the power without sacrificing the fuel economy,” Steve said. When you’re running your Ram truck for eight hours a day out on the ranch, we know that’s important. Check out the video to see how the Cody family uses their Ram truck and keep an eye out for more videos soon.

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  • J.A.W

    love these videos, keep ’em comin’. DODGE4LIFE

  • tr4petty

    You guys should turn these “real” RAM lovin’ folks comments into TV ads. They’re much more believable than most of the ads you see. People can relate to these folks.

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