Ram Engineers Hit the Road for a Real Focus Group

How do the people who build your Ram decide what features and improvements a new model needs? Instead of relying on studies, statistics, and claims of competitors, Ram engineers hit the road to actually sit in the truck with real working men and women, as you can see in this video from Talladega.

“What really makes me proud is that we focus on the customer,” explains Scott Kunselman, Ram’s Senior Vice President – Engineering. “Our engineers realize that the customer is what makes the most difference.” Especially when they’re willing to airbrush the Ram logo on their heads…

  • tr4petty

    I was at Talladega and saw the Dodge displays. I loved the cutaway of the the 2010 Ram HD. I enjoyed watching the Vipers and Challengers give tire-smoking rides. I got a temporary tat of a red Ram on my arm and the wife got a red Ram tat spray-painted on her jeans. Overall, I was impressed with the marketing effort by Dodge there at the track. I just wish that Dodge was impressed enough with Nascar to offer support to more teams than just Penske next year! Only 3 supported Dodges in the field of 43 leave little chance of being successful, I’m afraid. And losing Richard “The King” Petty to Ford is an absolute tragedy. Also, Dodge’s most popular driver by far, Kasey Kahne, is going to be in a Ford Fusion next year! That just makes me feel sick as a Dodge and Nascar fan. Kurt Busch, Sam Hornish, and rookie Brad Keselowski, all three put together, doesn’t have 1/5 the fans that Kasey Kahne did! What a tragic loss for Dodge’s Motorsports effort!!!

  • Mark

    I want a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab R/T !!!!!

    Better torque converter,gearing,R/T look /performance of the single cab into a Quad Cab !!!

    Any Hot 1500’s coming in the future ? SRT,R/T especially a Quad Cab model !!!! I have a 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad cab that is my baby ,and will never part with it,but I would like to have a new Hot Rod truck !!! The new 1500’s are somewhat quick but no SRT !! I want a pure muscle low 5 sec high 4sec 0-60 Quad Cab 1500 !! Regain the title as the most powerful/fastest truck !!