Ram’s “PROVEN” Hardworking Formula

We know what it’s like to live in the real world. Things don’t come easy and nothing is handed to you. Hard work and dedication is what gets the job done and our new “PROVEN” videos series shows just that. PROVEN features regular folks who consider their Ram truck a part of the family. These ten film segments are not out to make any claims or sell you anything. Rather, they’re all about the proving the loyalty, heritage and passion that go into every Ram truck we’ve built for the last 75 years.

PROVEN dispels myths and misconceptions and takes you behind the wheel and inside Ram’s engineering inner sanctum from the owners who drive them every day. We’ll get into Ram’s durability and comfort while featuring hard hitting topics such as horsepower, torque, towing, mileage, and value. PROVEN tells the story that we’re sure you truck people can relate to!





    You got that right ,I think of my truck as a part of the family…if I could bring it in bed with me at night I would (my girlfriend seems to think so)

    Furthermore,nobody gave me anything..I own a small business and worked 7 days a week to buy my beloved DODGE RAM !!! I get alot of rest now,dont worry..I am back to 5 days and maybe a few hours on some weekends..but spend more time polishing my truck and cruising than actual work on the weekends now. 

    How about the Sport Performance hood as an option for the SLT and Laramie trucks ? I like the Sport,but the Chrome on the other models looks extrememly sharp…and a buddy of mine has a 2010 Laramie 1500 (sorry he bought it used with 4k)he added a  Sport Performance hood,looks great ! And how about more wheel options for the Laramie,personally I think the chrome clad 20″ on the Sport and upper model SLT look better,but it could be just me..I better stop giving you free info,I am not getting paid for it..but here is another..a 392 HEMI in a RAM QuadCab(I like the quad better than the crew,glad you have both choice is good) 392 would really be sweet..doh,I did it again..

    I gotta say…It is PROVEN my RAM is a DODGE RAM !!


  • cody

    i agree with him you guys should bring back the old QuadCab because i bough my dads truck and its a 1998 ram QuadCab 2500 5.9L V8 gas. i love the truck but my dad would want to get a new truck but he really likes the QuadCabs and i know a few other people that said the same…