Old Ram Trucks Never Die, They Just Keep Working!

Owning Ram trucks has become a generational legacy for Mike Forester of Honey Creek Excavating & Logging—a timber company in Oregon. Like his father, and his father before him, Mike’s chosen a Ram Truck to be the vehicle dependable enough to support his livelihood. Granddad started using Dodge Power Wagons back in the 60’s, and the family has since continued to choose Ram trucks. Mike bought his first Ram truck in 1986 and credits his ’98 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel with the capability to power through his tough and demanding work, sometimes pulling up to ten thousand pounds! Thanks for sharing your story with us Mike.



    Yep,old DODGE trucks keep going and going !!!

  • Busta

    have to agree with Mike! nothing better then the cummins, use to have a 99 til someone didn`t hook up their trailer right and i found it coming home from work one night doing 60 mph.That truck kept me alive as they told me the next day I flipped in it end for end 7 times. The cummins kept on running til a person crawled in and shut it off!! damn I miss that truck