Mitch Rall’s Ultimate Family Truck


Mitch Rall traded in his ’04 dualie for a new ’09 half-ton Ram as soon as they were available, three weeks before the SEMA Show. It wasn’t just about wanting a new truck — it was more about creating something unique that no one else had. Mitch works at Ekstensive Metalworks of Houston, so he’s used to elaborate projects like this. Still, as you can imagine, it’s no easy task. First he and his crew had to disassemble everything. And we mean everything — the front, sheetmetal, grille, bumpers, bed, interior, and rear. Then the real work began. They modified the suspension and dropped the truck down. They got the fuse box out of the way, mounted two Kinetik batteries, and relocated the brake lines in the front of the truck.

And these were only the first few steps; a lot more work went into getting the Ram ready for the show — Sport Truck Magazine has a great recap of the whole process. At SEMA, it was featured as a part of Chrysler’s special Mopar Alley section, but sadly, Rall couldn’t make it to the show himself — although he had a good excuse: His wife was giving birth to their son. Now the newest Rall certainly has the coolest ride in the neighborhood!

  • jack rochford

    did bill carlton bring mitch rall’s ram to sema