Meet Karen O’Dell, Winner of Ammo & Attitude and a 2011 Ram Outdoorsman

Karen O’Dell, winner of season two of the outdoor reality TV show Ammo & Attitude, used her outdoor prowess to outlast the competition and win a 2011 Ram Outdoorsman. Karen is from Gaylord, Michigan, and is currently working in turf management on Mackinac Island, which is where we caught up with her to chat about the new ride.


RamZone: Congratulations on your win. What are your plans for watching the final episode?


Karen O’Dell: I’m watching with my siblings, and mom and dad, keeping it small. I can’t wait to see their expressions. I started to do real well toward the end of the season, so everyone has been asking, “Where’s your truck?” But nobody knows for sure; I hope my excitement doesn’t give it away. Everyone is going to be real tickled. I can’t wait to see there expression, I’m sure everyone is going to be real proud of me. I’m think we’re all going to be crying. I’m a crier.


RZ: What was the experience like on the show?


KO: All the girls were together two days prior to filming. We were in seclusion away from the ranch, and we all hit it off, despite different ages and backgrounds. When they showed us all pulling up on the back of the pickup truck wow, everyone’s nerves were going for that first challenge with 22 long rifles. Put a camera in front of someone’s face, and it’s amazing how you forget to do things. But got used it. By day two of filming, we even didn’t notice the camera.


I loved trying new guns, and meeting the crew, the film and lighting guys, and seeing the behind the scenes. We became a family. The last four girls were there until the end. We keep in touch through Facebook. I think about the experience daily, and I truly believe we’ll keep in touch on some level forever. I would love to catch up for a hunt with some of the girls in future.

RZ: What do you picture when you see yourself behind the wheel of your new Truck?


KO: I’ve always driven trucks and bigger SUVs to carry around guns, fishing poles, and fertilizer and lawn equipment. We had three trucks on the set of the show. It rained every day or night, and it was wet and those puddles were real, and the trucks plowed right through them and had no problem going over the rough terrain. I was super impressed with Ram, and I’m not just saying that. I used to snowplow with my uncle, and I was super impressed Ram. The 4×4 will come in handy in the snow belt.


RZ: How confident were you that you’d win the truck?


KO: I claimed that truck right off the bat, saying “Girls, get in my truck now.” Sara (the other girl from Michigan) and I really wanted to keep the vehicle back in the state. We just kept saying, “We gotta keep the truck in Michigan, we gotta keep the truck in Michigan.” But my intent wasn’t really to win a truck.


RZ: If not to win the truck, what was your intent?


KO: I loved the show, encouraging women to be outdoors. I hope women go to their local sportsman clubs. Woman shouldn’t be afraid of the kick of the gun, as long as you get the right gun for you. You don’t have to shoot animals. Just get outdoors, target shoot, and enjoy the beautiful state of Michigan. Hopefully I inspired at least a few women to get outdoors that would be real neat to see.


RZ: You’ve been so busy, have you been hunting yet this year?


KO: I’ve already gone out for opening day of bow season. I saw four does but I didn’t take one. After the excitement from the show passes I plan to finish out the bow season and do some salmon and walleye fishing. I bought my 14-month old grandson a nice hunting outfit. He’s so cute.