CrAsh the Rodeo Clown Shoots the Bull with RamZone [VIDEO]

Bulls don’t much like rodeo clowns; that much is clear. But cowboys – cowboys love those bulbous-nosed daredevils who, night in and night out, put their lives on the line to protect rodeo contestants. 

RamZone tracked down CrAsh the rodeo clown at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for a behind-the-scenes interview from the arena floor. CrAsh joked that it’s a “lack of self-respect” that led him to the profession, but we know better; rodeo clowns are perhaps the most respected folks in the arena.

CrAsh is a former rugby and hockey player – he’s Canadian, after all – and he’s paid his rodeo dues, losing a tooth and even breaking his legs and ribs fighting bulls. CrAsh said there are few things scarier in this world than hiding in a barrel while an enraged bull tries to gore you. You want to talk about Guts and Glory? Start with this clown.

For more, visit Oh, and did we mention CrAsh’s real name is Ash Cooper and he’s a highly-regarded western artist? We like to think of him as a rodeo renaissance clown.