A Shocking Experience with a Ram Truck

When Kimberly Davis ran out for a few errands on Monday, July 25th, she expected that the highlight of her day would be a speedy checkout in the checkout line—little did she know that on this average afternoon her life would literally flash before her eyes. As Kimberly hopped into her 2009 Ram 1500 Hemi crew cab, the skies darkened with clouds and rain. In hopes of missing the oncoming storm she took an access road as a short cut. The sky lit up with lightning, and suddenly, Kimberly heard a huge boom and a bolt of bright light jolted across her truck. Thinking she had hit something, she began to pull off as her truck became increasingly difficult to steer. Upon stopping she realized that her Ram had taken a blast of lightning to the antenna! Although her only symptoms were jitters and muscle spasms, she was rushed to the hospital and kept overnight. Her physician remarked that her Ram truck had saved her life; its heavy body and build having kept her safe from further harm.

Kimberly told us her story and added how proud she is of the Ram Trucks brand. “I’ve had several Ram trucks. We have a 1999 Ram 1500 extended cab truck for my husband and he bought me this one. The next vehicle we get will be a Ram.”

There’s nothing better than knowing that our trucks are out there on the road keeping people safe in the most dangerous (and implausible) of circumstances. Thanks Kimberly for sharing your story with us.