A 1989 Ram D-100 Brought Me to the Brand

You just never forget your first pickup truck. There’s something about the freedom to go where you want to go and do the jobs that you need to do that can’t be beat. Just Ask Jessica Leffelman. She got her first taste of the Ram Truck way of life with a big red 1989 Ram D150 that she affectionately named Clifford.

“Drove that truck up and down the mountains every day for work, and when it came time to move back to the Midwest, Clifford performed great! No problems whatsoever!”

After carrying her from California to Massachusetts, old Clifford kept on working until ‘he’ was eventually donated.

“I’d always wanted a truck, and a Ram was my first. I still miss Clifford, even with ‘his’ little quirks and faded paint, it just felt like a part of me!”

Well, Jessica, we’re sorry to hear you had to let go of your D150. Come on by a Ram Truck dealer sometime. There’s a pickup out there right now waiting to offer up years of hard-working service.

  • Jessica

    Oh, how awesome! 🙂 Thank you for featuring Clifford! 😀

  • Ram Zone


    We love hearing from our fans. Thanks again for your contribution!