A 1976 2WD Half Ton Brought Me to the Ram Truck Brand

Photo Caption: 1976 D-100 Club Cab Adventurer SE

At Ram Truck, we’re all about building the absolute best work trucks on the planet. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been known to build a vehicle or two that could play as hard as it worked. Randy L. Foreback first got into Ram Truck products when he got acquainted with a special-order ’76 two-wheel drive half-ton pickup with a massive 440 four-barrel V8 under the hood. We think he tells it best.

“The special order was for a 440 4bbl automatic. It was just a screaming truck with Cherry Bombs that would definitely disturb the peace.”

Years later, when randy was able to afford his own truck, he snapped up a ’99 SLT Quad Cab with its own 5.9-liter V8 – a truck that kicked off a string of high-power pickups that would eventually culminate in a Hemi-powered 2010 Quad Cab Big Horn. Sharp ride, Randy.

Shoot us your own story of how you were introduced to the Ram Truck brand. You never know, we might just feature the tale here.

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