2010 Ram Heavy Duty Resonates with American Heartland


At Ram, there is nothing that we cling to tighter than our commitment to the basic traits of the traditional American pickup truck. We build our trucks to be rough-and-tumble rigs capable of outliving even your mother-in-law, and we have a fierce sense of pride in our product. So, too, do our customers.


Amongst the most notable of those customers are Terry and Barb Hogan of Decatur, Illinois. Owner and operator of Hogan Grain & Equipment Company, Terry has spent years putting his various work trucks through the wringer, and he knows a workhouse when he sees one. Up until November 2009, Terry’s fleet consisted of an eclectic mix of pickups, the bulk of which were in need of some form of maintenance. Busy at the helm of Hogan Grain & Equipment and farming over 4,000 acres of land, Terry had neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours laboring over repairs. Instead, he turned to a brand he’s held synonymous with dependability since he first crossed paths with a Power Wagon in 1974: Ram Trucks. Trading in two Fords, a Chevy, and an older Dodge pick-up, Terry & his wife eventually exited Bob Brady Chrysler Dodge with three new Rams in tow: a 2009 Ram 3500, Ram Chassis Cab, and a 2010 Ram 2500 ST Crew 4×4. The latter was the first 2010 Heavy Duty model to ever reach a customer’s hands – and we’d be hard-pressed to find a better match. “We’re targeting both lifestyle and vocational customers,” explained Ram Heavy Duty Brand Manager Steve Johnson. “One of our key vocational targets is Agribusiness – like the Hogans.” According to Terry, our “targeting” and the countless man hours spent engineering a truck specifically for buyers with needs like Terry’s has not gone unnoticed. “I think it’s great you’re spending the time to listen and talk to the customer,” said Terry. “That’s how this country was built. You have to listen to the customer – understand them. Provide them what they need to keep them loyal and make your business grow.” Which is exactly what we strive to do – for both Terry and his fellow American craftsman.


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  • tr4petty

    There’s no better work truck available anywhere than a Cummins diesel equipped Dodge RAM!

  • Philip Thornton

    Those trucks will last him a looong time! I have a 1999 Ram 2500 Extended Cab with the Magnum engine in it. Has over 970,000 miles on the original engine. The transmission has been replaced with a Dodge Reman. The body looks more like it only has 97,000 miles on it. I am trying to get it to a million miles, but since I now only drive it a couple miles to work each day, it might take a while!

  • Elicia

    My whole family drives DODGE. There is NO better truck on the market.
    Dad- late 90’s 2500 v10 long bed
    Mom- late 90’s 2500 diesel
    Bro- 00′ 2500 diesel 4x w/ lift
    sis-99′ Durango
    My 2nd Dodge 09′ 1500 quad. My first was a 05′ reg cab 1500 it saved my husband and his Best Buds life. Drunk crossed the center median. Hubby RAMed him at 50-60mph! and walked away. When I got to the crash I knew my husband and his bud were fine. I cried for my truck! I love my truck. Would never consider driving anything other than a DODGE truck. It does everything I could ever want it too. A better investment than a car, and a safer one too.

  • At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for potnsig!