RamZone Covers The 2010 NTEA Work Truck Show


For those of you actively involved in the commercial truck segment, you’ve probably already marked the National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Show on your calendar. For the rest of you loyal truck users who won’t be able to count yourself amongst the masses at the Work Truck Show, RamZone is preparing to be your official source for all the new, Ram-spec goodies that will be presented at the show. Ordinarily we’d encourage you to check it out for yourselves while we down a can of easy cheese from the comfort of our recliners, but unfortunately the show is closed to the public and thus largely inaccessible for most of you Ram fans. So, although we deeply cherish our downtime in the man cave, the idea of leaving Ram loyalists in the dark is simply unacceptable and to ensure that you stay updated on all the newest Ram-spec gadgetry hitting the market, we’ll be schlepping out to St. Louis, Missouri next week to cover the show live.


If you’re good, we might even bring back The Shat’s autograph.


Be sure to check back on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 to get your first dose of the largest work truck show in the nation!


  • Mark

    I believe you should emphasize the Dodge again for the ram trucks..that is why your high quality,great trucks are lacking in sales !!! People want a Dodge Ram,though I love the truck,but needs to be a dodge Ram..forever !!!

  • Chad

    Where is our Ram 1500 diesel? DON’T LET FORD OR GM BUILD IT FIRST!!!! If Ram had the light duty diesel option, it would FINALLY overtake Ford and GM and be the best selling truck! How cool would that be???? We Ram owners need some bragging rights!

  • Rick

    I agree with Chad where is our 1500 Diesel light duty? It would outdue other hybrids. We need higher MPG and power! I love the 1500 it should do better than 13/18 MPG.