Ram Trucks Mobile Office

When you’re on the road for a living, your truck is for more than just hauling or transportation – your truck is your office, which is why we’re constantly working to add comfort and technology to our interiors. If your truck doubles as your workspace, here’s just a sampling of what you can expect from Ram Trucks:

Crafted detail and quality seats keep you comfortable in your office. And with optional heated seats and steering wheels – not to mention custom leather interior like the Laramie Longhorn – your office on the road is comfort and luxury on wheels.

Rear under-seat storage (in Quad Cab® and Crew Cab models) for all your office supplies – you know, like power tools and work gloves.

Computers and power are almost mandatory in the modern office. Ram’s Soft-Touch Dashboard is designed to hold a laptop or binder, so that you can bring the necessary electronic equipment with you, and 120-volt plug will keep you charged.

Uconnect™ WiFi (available through Mopar®) and Media Centers keep you connected to the world, no matter where you set up shop for the day, and Uconnect Voice Command with Bluetooth® makes working in the office a truly mobile experience.

Available two-tier center console is perfect for organizing your office-on-the-go. No more hiding supplies under the seat or in the glove box; now you can stay organized.

Triple-sealed doors keep the cabin quiet for private meetings, and for the BIG meeting, quad cab seating will fit the entire crew. Consider it your own private boardroom.